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What is your favorite Cedar Point food? A funnel cake? Frozen yogurt? Salt water taffy? What are the best places to eat at Cedar Point? Want to know about Cedar Point restaurants and dining including special dietary requirements like vegetarian/vegan options, or other allergen free items? You have come to the right place! We give you all the menus, prices, photos, and dining related news at Cedar Fair amusement parks across North America to help you plan a successful day at the parks!

Click on the restaurant links below for menus, insider tips, suggestions, and a list of CP Food Blog posts and reviews about that restaurant!

Take a look around the various dining options you may visit during your Cedar Point visit. All of the restaurants are broken down by page, and are available by clicking the Cedar Point Dining Guide at the top of the site.

Dining Plan References:

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Cedar Point Park Maps

(These are the useful maps you receive at the park with a legend)
Note: Some of the maps are rather large file sizes so that you can zoom in and read them.
2017 Cedar Point Map
2017 Cedar Point HalloWeekends Map
2017 Cedar Point Shores Map
2016 Cedar Point Map
2015 Cedar Point Park Map
2014 Cedar Point Park Map
2013 Cedar Point Map

2007 Cedar Point Map

1976 Cedar Point Map

Platinum Pass Cedar Point Food Deals

Platinum Fresh Cut Fry Deal
Toft’s Ice Cream BOGO Sunday Sundae Deal

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We also suggest you take a look through the blog posts related to Cedar Point dining, as there may be additional dining information to help you plan your trip.

Refer to the Cedar Point Shores Dining Guide for their respective places to eat.

Arctic Junction

140508 Arctic Junction Sign

Auntie Anne’s

140718 Cedar Point Auntie Anne's Sign

Bay Harbor

140508 Cedar Point Bay Harbor Sign

Bayou Refreshments

140508 Cedar Point Bayou Refreshments Sign

Boardwalk Fries

150510 Cedar Point Boardwalk Fries

Brats and Dogs Stand

140524 Cedar Point Johnsonville Brat Stand Sign

Breakwater Café

140525 Cedar Point Breakwater Cafe Sign

Buckaroo’s Burritos

170504 Cedar Point Buckaroo's Burritos Sign

Burger Patio

140524 Cedar Point Burger Patio Sign

Celebration Station/Good Time Refreshments

140524 Cedar Point Celebration Station Sign

Charlie Brown’s Cookout

140524 Cedar Point Charlie Brown's Cookout Sign

Chickie’s and Pete’s

140525 Cedar Point Chickie's & Pete's Sign

CJ’s Provisions/Cinnabon/Auntie Anne’s

140524 Cedar Point CJ's Provisions Sign

Coaster Creamery Frozen Custard

140508-Cedar-Point-Coaster-Creamery-Frozen-Yogurt Sign

Coasters Drive-In Restaurant

140718 Cedar Point Coaster's Drive-In Sign

Coca-Cola Fountain & Floats

150510 Cedar Point Coca-Cola Fountain and Floats

Coca-Cola Freestyle Cafe

140508 Cedar Point Coca-Cola Freestyle Sign

Coca-Cola Marketplace Cedar Junction

140524 Cedar Point Coca-Cola Marketplace Cedar Junction Sign

Coca-Cola Oasis

160430 Cedar Point Coke Oasis Sign

Coca-Cola Refresh Station

140524 Cedar Point Coca-Cola Refresh Station Sign


140508 Cedar Point Corral Sign

Dairy Queen

140508 Cedar Point Dairy Queen Sign

Dippin’ Dots

140508 Cedar Point Dippin' Dots Sign

Dragon’s Inn

140719 Cedar Point Dragon's Inn Refreshments Sign

Engine Company No. 3 Frozen Custard

140524 Cedar Point Engine Company No. 3 Sign

Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que

140508 Cedar Point Famous Dave's BBQ Sign

Famous Dave’s BBQ Shack

170505 Cedar Point Famous Dave's BBQ Shack Sign

Fresh Cut Fruit Stand

140628 Cedar Point Fresh Fruit Cart

Fresh Cut Legendary Fries

140508 Cedar Point Fresh Cut Fries Sign

Frontier Chill

140524 Cedar Point Frontier Chill Sign

Frontier Inn

160430 Frontier Inn Sign

Funnel Cake Fries Cart

140508 Cedar Point Funnel Cake Fries Cart Sign

Grandstand Refreshments

140508 Cedar Point Grandstand Refreshments Sign

Happy Friar/Fresh Cut

140508 Cedar Point Happy Friar Sign

Hofbrau Beer Garden

High Energy Station

140508 Cedar Point High Energy Station Sign

Hotel Breakers Poolside Deli

Hotel Breakers Poolside Deli Inside

ICEE Mix It Up

140524 Cedar Point ICEE Mix It Up Sign

Johnny Rockets

140718 Cedar Point Johnny Rockets Sign

Lakeside Express

140718 Cedar Point Lakeside Express Sign

Last Chance Saloon

140508 Cedar Point Last Chance Saloon Sign

Melt Bar & Grilled

Midway Market

140508 Cedar Point Midway Market Sign

Mr. Potato

140524 Cedar Point Mr. Potato Sign

Nutty Bavarian

Panda Express

140524 Cedar Point Panda Express Sign

Perkin’s Restaurant and Bakery

140525 Cedar Point Perkin's Sign


140508 Cedar Point Pink's Sign

Pizza Patio

140524 Cedar Point Pizza Patio Sign

Pretzels Stand


Philly Steak Sandwich Stand

150510 Cedar Point Philly Steak Sandwich Stand

Quaker Steak & Lube

150508 Cedar Point Quaker Steak

Red Garter Saloon

140628 Cedar Point Red Garter Saloon Sign

River’s Run Refreshments

140524 Cedar Point River's Run Refreshments Sign

Road Trip Food Truck

140628 Cedar Point Road Trip Food Truck Sign

The RoundUp

140718 Cedar Point Roundup Sign

Sagebrush Sue’s Frontier Food Co.

140508 Cedar Point Sagebrush Sue's Sign

Senor Vargas’ Walking Taco

140524 Cedar Point Senor Vargas’ Walking Taco Sign

Sky Ride Refreshments

140524 Cedar Point Sky Ride Refreshments Sign

Starbucks Coffee

140508 Cedar Point Starbucks Sign

Stockade Refreshments

140508 Cedar Point Stockade Refreshments Sign


140508 Cedar Point Subway Sign

Surf Lounge

150510 Cedar Point Surf Lounge

Sweet Spot

150812 Cedar Point Sweet Spot

Sweets ‘n Treats Candy Shoppe

140508 Cedar Point Sweets and Treats Candy Shoppe Sign

TGI Friday’s on the Beach

140628 Cedar Point TGI Friday's Sign

Toft’s Ice Cream Parlor

140718 Cedar Point Toft's Ice Cream Sign


140525 Cedar Point Tomo Hibachi Sign

Top Chill Snowcones

140508 Cedar Point Top Chill Snowcones Sign

Toot Sweets

140524 Cedar Point Toot Sweets Sign

Town Hall Popcorn Wagon

140524 Cedar Point Drinks and Popcorn Cart Sign

Trail Tavern

140524 Cedar Point Trail Tavern Sign

Wagon Wheel Pizza

170504 Cedar Point Wagon Wheel Pizza Sign

Yogurt Plus

140718 Cedar Point Yogurt Plus Sign

Former Dining Locations

Beaches ‘n’ Cream

140525 Cedar Point Beaches 'n' Cream Sign

Beaver Tails

150508 Cedar Point Beaver Tails Sign


140524 Cedar Point Chick-fil-A Sign

Chuck Wagon Western Foods

140508 Cedar Point Chuck Wagon Western Foods Sign

Cinnabon Bakery

140718 Cedar Point Cinnabon Sign

The Gazebo

140524 Cedar Point The Gazebo Sign

Grist Mill Refreshments

140524 Cedar Point Grist Mill Refreshments Sign

Hurricane Hannah’s

140718 Cedar Point Hurricane Hannah's Sign

ICEE, Soft Drinks, & Popcorn Stand

140524 Cedar Point ICEE, Soft Drinks, & Popcorn Stand Sign

Joe Cool Café

140524 Cedar Point Joe Cool Cafe Sign

Kiddieland Refreshments

140525 Cedar Point Kiddie Kingdom Sign

Los Gatos Cafe

140524 Cedar Point Los Gatos Cafe Sign

Sugardale All Beef Hot Dogs Cart

140508 Cedar Point Sugardale Hot Dogs Stand Sign

The Sweet Tooth

140508 Cedar Point The Sweet Tooth Sign

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  7. Mona Brazie

    Would love for Coasters to get with the program- it’s been over three weeks now and they still have no MAYO. How can anybody eat a grilled chicken sandwich with no mayo?? And are there any temperature rules for serving hot sandwiches? It’s impossible to get anything hotter than tepid. I would even be happy with nuked to hotness. Thanks for listening.


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