Cedar Point Hotel Breakers Suites (Before & After)

We are local to Cedar Point, so staying overnight is not typically something we do at the CPFB. However, every once in a while it becomes beneficial to do so. The last time we stayed at the Cedar Point Hotel Breakers was prior to their major renovation in 2014. Since that time, the hotel has opened to much praise from guests touting the new experience as the perfect beach getaway.

We recently had the chance to stay for a weekend to compare the hotel to our prior experience, and the differences are incredible.

Take for example the sitting area of the suites. Back in 2014, everything was extremely dated, and in an era of flat screen televisions, we were graced with the presence of not one, but two tube style TVs. Not that it honestly mattered much, because I do not recall ever being in the room enough to warrant turning them on. However, it showed how much work was needed to bring Hotel Breakers up to today’s standards.


The most notable change in the suites was the sleeping area, featuring fresh new beds, bedding, and Cedar Point inspired headboards. What is not to love about seeing the park not only outside your window, but also above your head as you fall asleep?


The rooms also still feature a small “kitchenette” area featuring a small sink, microwave, and dorm room size refrigerator. We were sorta surprised that they did not go to a greater effort to improve this area of the rooms besides updating the cabinets, counters, and appliances. In our opinion it could have been a better opportunity to open up the area with the adjacent closet and nook and perhaps even put in a small bar area.


In addition to all the new furnishings, the Cedar Point Hotel Breakers Suites include cool new chairs that are each made from 111 20 oz recycled Coca-Cola bottles.


While we may not stay at Hotel Breakers often, it is extremely valuable to be located so close to the park. The convenience of being able to not only walk to Cedar Point, Cedar Point Shores, and all the amenities is great.

What is your favorite part of staying at Cedar Point Hotel Breakers?

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