10 Things You Learn When Dating a Cedar Point Fan

10 Things You Learn When Dating a Cedar Point Fan

We have all been through the ups and downs of the dating scene. However, when one of those partners is a Cedar Point fan, the ride just got a whole lot wilder. Here are a few things that you might learn when dating a Cedar Point fan.

1) A Trip to a Cedar Point is Serious Business

Strap in tight, because when we visit Cedar Point, EVERYTHING is fun and games, and we have a schedule to make. We start with early entry with our season pass and head straight to Millennium Force, then dart over to Maverick, and before the gates even open to the public are in line for Top Thrill Dragster. You better keep up because that is only hour one.

2) We Are Knowledgeable on the Facts

Not only will you be serenaded by your Cedar Point fan reciting the ride operator protocols, you will be inundated with strange facts, like when the ride opened, the cost of construction, and where the trim brakes are located, but do not push the brakes on this relationship just yet, because it is all in the name of love.

3) Halloweekends is NOT up for Debate

140912 Cedar Point Halloweekends Hexed

You might be scared to go to sleep without your nightlight on, but there is one thing for certain. We are going to Halloweekends, and this is an unspoken rule for the rest of your natural life.

4) We Speak in Coaster Lingo

You are not feeling well today? Well that one time…on the Raptor…I had just gotten done eating at Midway Market and took one too many trips to the pizza buffet. Those inversions were rough, but I made it through OK for a great ride photo. Now suck it up. It is time for a ride on the Corkscrew.

5) All Food Will be Themed After a Roller Coaster


Used with permission from ©PancakeoftheWeek.com

We hope you like roller coasters, because everything from pasta to pancakes will be made in their likeness. You also better like Snoopy, because your holiday chocolates will all be given in his likeness.

6) There is Only One Option for Holiday Gifts

Pajamas? Not unless they have Charlie Brown on them. Do not even think about getting a Cedar Point fan anything other than amusement park gear. We do not even care what holiday it is. Arbor Day? We want a Cedar Point gift. National Funnel Cake Day? You better be taking me to Cedar Point for a funnel cake topped with soft serve and strawberries. You get the drift.

7) Be Prepared to Get Inked

Cedar Point Tattoos

The ultimate sign of a Cedar Point fans dedication is when they take the step to get permanently tattooed with their favorite ride. So are you up for it? It only stings for a couple minutes and will be the true sign of Cedar Point love. Plus, I need your help to figure out how to turn this Mantis into a Rougarou.

Cedar Point Millennium Force Tattoo ©Ryan Carpenter

Cedar Point GateKeeper Tattoo ©Ryan Carpenter

8) We Will Inevitably Be Dating You Because You Remind us of a Best Summer Ever

That one summer I worked at Cedar Point was a magical experience. Yes I worked long, hard hours, but being able to let riders leave from the station on board the Magnum train was a grand experience. Plus I met the cutest boy who worked at Hotel Breakers. We made great memories that summer, and you remind me of him (just without the facial hair…or the tattoo).

We might not admit this to you, but we will probably drop subtle hints like, “lets go walk on the Cedar Point beach under the stars!” Just go with it. It is a compliment.

9) Is There Anywhere Else to Tie the Knot?

You might think we want a traditional wedding in my parents back yard, but lets be honest. Set the reception under the glow of the Gemini Midway, and we are on the way as one happily married couple.

10) Baby Nicknames We Can Live With

Our love has moved on from dating, and soon we will expect our own little bundle of Cedar Point joy. We will take him on the Lake Erie & Cedar Point Railroad before he can crawl, and shortly after those first steps, he will be frolicking through Camp Snoopy. However, do not be alarmed when you hear me yelling out his nickname at Cedar Point, it is all part of my responsible parenting manual. “Maverick, get back over here!”

So if you are lucky enough to be dating a Cedar Point fan, keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times and enjoy the ride!

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5 thoughts on “10 Things You Learn When Dating a Cedar Point Fan

  1. Courtney

    This is so incredibly accurate. I’m actually in the middle of planning my Cedar Point tattoo and I found this and just sort of sat, blushing to myself.

    I had also decided that my husband, whoever that might be, will have to deal with the fact that we’re getting married at the Point or at least having our honeymoon there. Now I just have to find a guy willing to put up with my love of Cedar Point.


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