11 Things You Can Buy at Cedar Point for Under $6

CEDAR POINT UNDER $6 – You made your plans and bought tickets for Cedar Point, so now you are excited for a day in the park! You hop in the vehicle, drive however many hours it takes to get you to Cedar Point, and realize, you only have $20 in your wallet, so what will you eat all day?

Lets take a trip around the park and see what dining options are available for less than $6, to help you spread out your money throughout the day. (Note: You may be asking yourself why we chose $6 instead of $5. We originally wrote this article around the $5 concept, but price increases in 2016 made several of the items obsolete.)

1) Locate a stand or cart selling Bosco sticks, and get 2 pepperoni filled for $5.29.

2) Lots of stands and carts throughout the park sell novelty ice creams such as a Crunch bar or ice cream sandwich from $5.29-5.99 each. This includes chocolate covered frozen bananas!

3) Is there anything like a freshly made Auntie Anne’s pretzel, hand crafted right in front of you? Get yours for $5.39 (Original) or $5.89 (Cinnamon) when visiting Cedar Point. No butter or no salt options also available upon request.

140525 Cedar Point Auntie Anne's Pretzel Making (2)

4) Here is a little known secret not many people know about. You paid for parking at the front gate, and that $20* was factored into your trip costs (*Price could vary on the day of your visit). However, did you know that if you go over to Bay Harbor, they will reimburse you the cost of parking with purchase?

That means $20 worth of “free” food that you already paid for but did not know about. Enjoy any of the appetizers, soups, or salads, and $20 for parking will be taken off your bill.

5) You may not be able to touch a funnel cake sundae for under $6, but you can still indulge with Funnel Cake Fries. There are currently two stands in Cedar Point offering these freshly made and tempting treat for $4.99.

6) Visit Los Gatos Cafe in the back of Cedar Point, and get a taco filled with meat, cheese, lettuce, and tomato for only $2.99.

7) On a warm day, purchase a cake cone filled with frozen custard from Coaster Creamery ($5.39) or Engine Company No. 3 ($5.29).

8) Cotton candy can be purchased at the High Energy Station, for $4.29.

140628 Cedar Point Cotton Candy

9) Boardwalk Fries will only cost you $4.99, while their counterpart at the Fresh Cut Fries stands will cost you $6.89. A substantial savings!

10) Cedar Point expanded their fresh fruit availability in 2014. Now you can purchase sliced fruit cups for $5.29, with a variety of offerings like strawberries, pineapple, and grapes at both Coca-Cola Marketplace and the Fresh Cut Fruit stand.

140628 Cedar Point Fresh Fruit Cart Strawberry or Pineapple

11) Panda Express offers an A La Carte menu for $3.40 each. Select from a chicken egg roll, 2 veggie spring rolls, or 3 cream cheese rangoons.

Bonus Tip: While this option will cost you a little more than $5, the souvenir popcorn bucket is $7.29 upfront, but then refill it for only $0.99 all season. This makes the popcorn bucket a tremendous value when refilling several times.

140524 Cedar Point Popcorn Bucket

As you can see, one can easily stretch a buck or two when dining at Cedar Point. In addition, bring in an unopened bottle of water, or ask for a free cup of water at stands to stay hydrated throughout the day.

All prices and menu offerings subject to revision.

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