13 Things To Never Do At Cedar Point

13 Things To Never Do At Cedar Point

Whether you are going to Cedar Point for the first time, or consider the park your second home, the whole idea is to have fun and do things you can not do outside the park. Where else can you ride roller coasters with family and friends, share an elephant ear, and see some outstanding live performances all in one place?

With the idea of being able to let loose, there also are some rules in place to protect you and your fellow guests. So lets take a look at the 13 Things to Never Do at Cedar Point.

13) Drones

Do you have your own personal drone? While it is major cool factor, keep it at home. If you attempt to fly a drone above Cedar Point, or any Cedar Fair park, you risk being jailed, as the park will report you to the FAA and authorities.

12) Secure the Safety Harness

While some seats on the ride may be larger than others, the safety belts, lap bars, and over-the-shoulder restraints are designed to accommodate a certain size guest to make the ride operate within certain criteria. If after asking to try the larger seats, and you still can not secure the safety, politely get up and exit the attraction. Most of the larger roller coasters even have a test seat you can try before entering the queue.

11) Line Jumping

All guests have paid the price to walk through the gates of Cedar Point, and often have to succumb to the frustration of waiting in long lines to gain access to their favorite rides. It is unacceptable to cut in line of other guests. It is not appropriate to get out of line and expect that your friend held the space for you. Nor is it alright for someone to get in line, and the rest of your party to meet up with the rest of the party.

10) Alcohol and Drug Use

It is not acceptable to visit the park impaired by drugs and/or alcohol. Cedar Point is a family friendly environment meant for everyone’s enjoyment. Please do not ruin the experience, and allow the only high you encounter be from the top of a roller coaster.

The alcohol policy is 21 years of age to purchase and consume alcohol in the park.

9) Appropriate Clothing

When visiting Cedar Point, it comes almost without saying that you are going to be on your feet all day, so dress comfortably. It is also important to dress appropriately. While you may be on a date or hanging out with a group of friends, it is not appropriate to wear revealing items, or shirts with profanity, weapons, or offensive terms.

Park employees have it in their right to refuse entry to any guest wearing inappropriate clothing. Save yourself the aggravation, and remember the grandmother rule.

Would you be offended for wearing a piece of clothing in front of your grandmother? Is the answer is yes, find something else to wear.

The official dress code policy states the following:

Profanity, obscene gestures, obscene statements, pictures of illegal substances, motorcycle colors, insignias of para-military groups, all gang related items or clothing, costumes or disguises that conceal identity and adult full-face makeup are prohibited. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times, including entering or leaving. Swimwear must be sufficiently covered.

8) Wear Deodorant

While this come without saying for many, remember you are going to be in the heat all day while at Cedar Point. While waiting in line, you will be in close proximity to other guests. Have some courtesy and wear plenty of deodorant for your visit.

7) Being Rude in Line

Standing in line for hours for your favorite roller coaster, in the heat, can be daunting, but it is the price you sometimes pay when visiting the park on busier days. While sharing the line with hundreds of other guests, be sure to have some courtesy for other people space. Stay within the queue line, pay attention when the people in front of you move up, and use appropriate conversation since you will be in close earshot of other guests.

6) Smoke in Designated Areas

New smoking laws are in place to protect guests from second-hand smoke. That is why there are designated smoking areas throughout the park. Please use the smoking areas and not random areas throughout the park.

5) No Running

No one reiterates this rule more than the Communications Director, Tony Clark. If guests run, there is a potential for them to fall and get hurt. There is no need to run, so please abide by the rule.

4) Block Walkways

Whether it be by a large party or a family pushing a stroller (or two). Be cognizant of your surroundings by not blocking other guests from using the walkways.

3) Touching Characters or Employees

We get that you might be excited to get your picture taken with Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, or any of the other Peanuts characters. It is alright to put your arm around them for a picture, but please be respectful of the human beings space. It is not appropriate to be grabbed, punched, groped, or knocked down. The same applies to any park employee. Remember they are doing a job, and have space limits just like you. You can ask them a question without the need of having to touch them.

2) Trying to Gain Access to the Fast Lane Line

Did you purchase a Fast Lane pass for your day at Cedar Point? If not, then do not enter the Fast Lane line. You waste not only your time, but that of the ride operators.

1) Clean Up After Yourself

You are visiting Cedar Point with lots of other guests, and the staff do an extraordinary job making sure the place is clean and enjoyable for all guests. Do not throw trash on the ground or in the landscaping. When done eating, take your trash to the nearest receptacle.

If at any time you refuse to follow the rules of the park, or act inappropriately for a family-friendly amusement park, you will be asked to leave the park without a refund. Save yourself the aggravation, follow all the rules, and remember the grandmother rule.

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