Top 11 Ways to Know You Are a Cedar Point Addict

Top 11 Ways to Know You Are a Cedar Point Addict

You started out visiting Cedar Point a couple times a year, and found a huge thrill from the Millennium Force, not to mention chowing down on a funnel cake sundae (or two). Eventually, you found yourself purchasing a season pass, and now you are addicted to everything Cedar Point. Here are some tell tale signs to know you have gone over the edge to becoming a Cedar Point Addict.

11) Knowing when (or when not) to visit Cedar Point:

You started out visiting Cedar Point on Saturdays, because it was when you had off work and could enjoy the park all day. Now, as a season passholder, you want nothing to do with the large crowds that ensue and the limited ride time you can get in. Now you rather visit during off-peak days, even scheduling to visit the park a couple hours on weeknights, just to get the most laps in on Top Thrill Dragster.

10) Dining at the Perfect Times at Cedar Point:

Knowing the best days and times to visit the park helps you get the most rides in as possible. Your knowledge also carries over to knowing your best times to grab a bite to eat. Not eating when everyone else eats, means shorter than normal wait times in lines. Ride your favorite coasters during lunch hours 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM, and grab your lunch around 2:00 PM. You also know enjoying dinner either between 3-4:00 PM or sometime after 7:00 PM means less waiting in line for your burger, and more time on the back of Rougarou.

9) Friend/Family Go-To Resource on Cedar Point:

Your expertise has resulted in all your family and friends coming to you with questions about Cedar Point. You dazzle them with statistics on roller coasters, the history of the park, and where is the nearest Coca-Cola Freestyle machine.

8) New Friendships Made with Other Cedar Point Addicts:

Your addiction to Cedar Point has carried over into more than just knowing everything about the park. Now, you know the names of the ride operators. All of a sudden, you start to recognize all the other addicts in the park (those friends are now called Ride Warriors). Now you find yourself hanging out with your new friends more often, even friending them on social media to keep track of your fellow addicts. Who knows, maybe one day you will even be their Ride Warrior Best Man or Bridesmaids at their wedding (at Cedar Point, of course).

7) You Know Your Ride Count at Cedar Point:

Not only do you know the exact number of times each roller coaster was rode by the general public at Cedar Point, but you also know exactly how many times that lap bar was adjusted across your waist. Or, you might even be known as an iconic name, like Mean Streak Henry or PegKeeper, with unprecedented ride counts.

6) Cedar Point Traditions:

Having made your way around the park once or twice before, you know when the best times are to ride your favorite coasters. However, now you have distinct traditions built into your day that you must follow. Whether it be riding in the right seat of the last car of Maverick, flying WindSeeker right before sunset, or stopping into the Cedar Point Starbucks first thing in the morning to get your favorite brew.

5) Getting More Excited for Your Cedar Point Trip Than Your Kids:

You used to visit Cedar Point as a single rider, enjoying your day with all your other addict friends. Now, you have married your own coaster addict, and have spawned your own little ones to bring to Cedar Point. While the kids excitement for Planet Snoopy may be great, nothing can compare to the excitement you get seeing the Cedar Point skyline as you approach the peninsula. Then, just as the kids get loaded onto the carousel with your spouse, you dash off to sneak in a ride on your favorite roller coaster, like Raptor.

4) No Need for a Cedar Point Map:

You know your way around the park like the back of your hand. So the only reason you pick up a park map is to hang it on your wall at home and keep one for your collection.

3) Cedar Point Souvenirs:

You are a Cedar Point addict when your room has more than just one or two memorabilia items from the park. Now your walls are lined with Cedar Point maps and posters, you have buttons and keychains on display, and you just had to purchase all the variation in colors of the Millennium Force replica models.

Millennium Force Train Replicas

Not to mention, a Cedar Point t-shirt or sweatshirt is more than just something to wear to the beach, but a badge of honor you proudly display (whether it be on your body or the walls of your home).

2) Reciting the Ride Protocols:

With all your knowledge from around the park, none is most prized then being able to recite the ride protocols from each of the roller coasters. Welcome back riders! Reciting them in your mind as you set off to sleep is a nightly ritual of the good rides you had when at Cedar Point.

1) People Watching at its Finest:

Having been to the park your fair share of times, you also enjoy taking the moments to sit and relax, while you chow down on some of those legendary, fresh-cut fries. As a result, you also get the advantage of taking in some people watching. You not only see the guests who have coordinated their matching outfits, but also see the people experiencing Cedar Point for the very first time. They have their map out and are trying to figure out how to get to the Gemini, the most thrilling ride they have been on since the county fair bumper cars. Those new guests are just learning what makes Cedar Point such a great place, and soon, they may well be on the path of a Cedar Point addict.

Are you qualified as a Cedar Point addict?

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7 thoughts on “Top 11 Ways to Know You Are a Cedar Point Addict

  1. darlene appling

    i have one more to add. we also park in the same parking spot all the time. there are quite a few of us who always park back in the soak city parking lot. same spot every time so much so we have been tempted to put our names on the spaces!!!

  2. Bill

    How about having a “VANITY PLATE” on your car that refers to Cedar Point? Now, THAT’S a good one to add…


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