How to Get “Free” Cedar Point Fresh Cut Fries on the Dining Plans

160608 Cedar Point Mini Corn Dogs & Fresh Cut Fries (2)

One of the disparaging factors associated with food at the Cedar Fair parks is the poor selection of fries served with most meals. The cheap, overly processed fries are not anything “special” that should really be a part of the amusement park experience. In our opinion, we come to an amusement park for a unique experience like riding a roller coaster, so why should the food not follow the same example? The food experience should be made up of items one might not make at home. Food one can not necessarily get anywhere else except the classic amusement park. It is the part of the experience that has been missing for a really long time.

Yes there will always be the customer who wants the cookie cutter chicken strips and fries. However, when the food and beverage team are a major contributor to the bottom line of profitability of the company, should a better product be used to equal higher profits?

The whole idea of that unique amusement park food experience is the reason funnel cakes and the fresh cut fries concept thrive. Simple. Easy. Cheap, and something that most people love…the handmade authenticity.

Take for example kids, they will eat anything. Especially fries. However, you put a tray of the standard cheap fries in front of them, and unless they are starving, they are not interested. However, the moment you change it up and give them fresh cut fries, even they can taste the difference, and BOOM, they are all gone. That is not politics or jaded adults talking. That is the amusement park food experience people crave to create.

So the puzzlement is why the Cedar Fair parks do not abandon the cheap fries served throughout the parks, and really make a stand to highlight the true winner, the fresh cut fries.

Fresh cut fries are available throughout Cedar Point, but are not “traditionally” available on the dining plans. Fresh cut fries are a premium dining option, unless you know where to look. All of your dining plan options come with the standard fries (or waffle fries or tater tots like at Frontier Inn). So you are stuck paying for fresh cut fries out of pocket, or taking advantage of the Platinum fry deal…but are you limited to only those options?

Here is the good news. If you want fresh cut fries and you are on a dining plan, head over to the Happy Friar, Hot Potato, or Mr. Potato stands and order the mini corn dog meal.

Now you just landed yourself a big ole pile of fresh cut fries, plus some added hand dipped mini corn dogs to boot. Whether you douse the fresh cut fries in vinegar or eat them in their raw, simple form, that is something that will make everyone happy!

160608 Cedar Point Mini Corn Dogs & Fresh Cut Fries (1)

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