Everything You Need to Know About Cedar Point Food in 3 Minutes

Everything You Need to Know About Cedar Point Food

We are going to get right to the point. You have questions, we have answers. We gathered some of the most commonly asked questions and put them into a simple post you can read within 3 minutes to be fully informed. Let’s go!

Can I use my _________ (Kings Island, Carowinds, etc.) souvenir cup or All-Season Drink Pass at another Cedar Fair park? Yes, as long as your souvenir cup/drink pass was purchased for the 2017 season (prior season cups will not be refilled) you can use it for refills at Cedar Point. The same goes for using a Cedar Point cup/drink pass at any of the other Cedar Fair parks.

Have more questions? Read Everything You Need to Know About the Cedar Fair All Season Souvenir Bottle and To Souvenir Cup, or Not to Souvenir Cup.

Where can I find the current Cedar Point meal plan list? Cedar Point has a dining plan list on their website. However, it is not always updated and accurate. Our Cedar Point dining plan list is constantly updated based on our visits to all the food locations around the park and what is or is not actually offered. Note: While we try and visit all of the Cedar Fair parks as much as possible, we can not be there every day. If you see any discrepancies, tip us off and we will get right on it.

Are Meal Plans Worth the Cost? We like to think so because we go so often and visit almost all the other Cedar Fair parks within a season. Check out our analysis by reading Is All-Season Dining is Worth the Cost and Is All-Day Dining Worth the Cost?

Where are the best places to eat on the Cedar Point dining plans? What we like to eat may not be what you necessarily enjoy since we all have different taste preferences. We also have a preference of fresh and quality versus a cheap slice of pizza or frozen burger.

Our top 2017 dining plan eats at Cedar Point include Frontier Inn, Mac and Cheese options at Sky Ride Refreshments, fresh Mexican from Buckaroo’s Burritos, http://cpfoodblog.com/review-cedar-point-kiddie-refreshment-chicken-wrap/”>Chicken Wrap from CJ’s Provisions, and the perch sandwich from Lakeside Express. If you are headed over to Cedar Point Shores, all of the options at Crystal Rock Cafe are fantastic, from brisket to rotisserie chicken.

Where are the best place to eat at Cedar Point (non-dining plans)? Famous Dave’s and Bay Harbor rank up there as a pretty good dining experience on property, but just outside the realm of the park.

How can I save money on food at Cedar Point? The easiest way is to purchase the All-Day or All-Season dining plans. Pair the food with the souvenir cups or drink pass, and your costs are covered after a couple refills. Also, consider the popcorn bucket as it is only $0.99 refills all season.

Your Platinum season passes saves you 10% on most food items around the park. You can also take advantage of the following special offers.

Toft’s Buy One, Get One Sundae on Sunday
Cedar Point Fresh Cut Fry deal

Have other dining questions? Feel free to leave us a comment below, or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter. Or check out our Cedar Point Food Guide which has every menu across the park, full reviews, photos, and more.

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6 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know About Cedar Point Food in 3 Minutes

  1. Kim

    Update to the perch sandwich. It’s not an option with the platinum dining plan. Very disappointed since I walked a bit to get my dinner. The veggie burger tastes terrible and there’s only two choices at Chickie and Petes. However the chicken was pretty amazing! They got that right?!

    1. Justin Post author

      Kim: The perch sandwich has not been on the all-day or all-season dining plans for two years. In 2015 and 2016, it’s only available as a single meal deal.

  2. Mona Brazie-Gioffredo

    I just wish the CP food blog would stick to réporting about CP food. Why do we have to wade through posts about every other Cedar Fair park there is??
    If I decide to go to CA Knotts Berry, highly unlikely, but I Will check their site.

    1. Justin Post author

      Because there are many, MANY other people beyond you that do travel to the other parks and want to know the information. Thanks for reading!


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