What Dairy Free Snacks are Available at Cedar Point?

What Dairy Free Snacks are Available at Cedar Point?

Today we reach into our mailbag and answer some more of your questions. Jayme writes in and asks “We will be spending a lot of time at Cedar Point this year. We will mostly be packing food but we would like a diary free snack sometimes. Any suggestions?

So today we answer the question, What Dairy Free Snacks are Available at Cedar Point?

Your best bet for looking for some great dairy free snacks is to head over to the Sweet Spot. There guests can find a variety of candies and caramel apples that will meet your dietary needs.

You can also try an ICEE from the various stands around the park.

Bavarian pretzels sold at Celebration Station, Los Gatos Café, Sagebrush Sue’s and Stockade Refreshments are dairy free.

The Nutty Bavarian sells a variety of roasted nuts.

We also suggest food stands like the Coca-Cola Marketplace, which offers fresh fruit and some other snack items that are dairy free. Availability often changes, so be sure to read packages of any prepared products.

Top Thrill Snowcones are dairy free.

Depending on availability, Toft’s may have seasonal sorbets.

Starbucks is another stand that may have some dairy free snacks available, but their availability often changes.

Cotton candy, though it is getting harder to find outside of the Sweet Spot, is traditionally dairy free.

Note: This list is not meant to be inclusive of every option and is subject to change including ingredients used in the preparation of food. Always contact Cedar Point Food & Beverage Office at 419-627-2324 or foodallergy@cedarpoint.com.

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