Top 5 Tips for Cedar Fair Haunt & Halloweekends

Top 5 Tips for Cedar Fair Haunt & Halloweekends

Can you smell the fog and hear the screams in the background? Halloween Haunt & Halloweekends is almost here at Cedar Fair parks across North America. While everyone loves coming to the parks to enjoy the rides, the atmosphere, and the food, the Halloween season is also a fan favorite among guests. So we have put together this helpful Tips for Cedar Fair Haunt & Halloweekends guide for planning your next scare.

Reduced Hotel Stays

Despite high crowds, rates on hotels start to drop after Labor Day as properties try and fill beds. If you wanted to stay at a Cedar Fair property, consider doing so during the Haunt events. Just taking a peak at Cedar Point’s Hotel Breakers, the rates are about 10% less during Halloweekends than during the summer season. This can be a great way to see a property you have always wanted to stay in for less, not to mention enjoy some of the Halloween decorating that get installed.

Crowd Control

If you thought it was crowded in the parks in August, just wait till October? Haunt/Halloweekends events are notoriously the busiest time of year. The closer you get to Halloween, the busier the parks will get. Therefore, we recommend getting your scare fix in September or early October to minimize crowds. If you thought the lines to wait for your favorite coaster on a summer Saturday were long, just wait until you experience the lines to a Haunt. Get there early, and minimize your wait experience.

Use Your Meal Plans

The parks work with a reduced staff during the Haunt events, compared with the summer months. Therefore, not all rides are in operation, some shops will be closed, and not all food service locations will be open.

The good news though is that for those dining establishments that are open, you will be able to still use your dining plans.

Special Food Events

Several Cedar Fair parks offer special ticketed dining experiences that often sell out in advance. Last year this included Cedar Point’s Boeckling’s Banquet, Kings Dominion Haunt VIP meal, Canada’s Wonderland VIP Pre-Haunt Buffet, and Dorney Park 2014 Fright Feast & Mansion House Hotel.

Not only are the Executive Chef prepared meals spectacular and beautiful to look at, they are also relatively affordable and often included additional perks like a front of the line pass.

If you have interest in attending these VIP events, it is recommended to purchase your tickets as soon as they become available as they often sell out.

Plan Wait Times

If you must visit the park on one of the busier Saturdays, you might want to consider skipping the indoor haunt attractions, as those will offer the longest lines of the evening. Instead, walk through the outdoor scare zones, which offer no lines and you can walk…or run at your own pace.

While not all of the rides may be open, also consider riding your favorite roller coasters that may be open for the evening. The lines can be notoriously shorter during Haunt and Halloweekends compared to the rest of the season.

Have a great time, as the Haunt season is a spectacular time to see the park in a new light…or in the dark…

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