10 Signs You Were Born to Visit Cedar Point

10 Signs You Were Born to Visit Cedar Point

Whether your passion of visiting Cedar Point stems from the first time you rode Millennium Force, or the craving you have of a funnel cake any chance you get, you are an addict. Do you spend most of your time at home daydreaming about the next time you will walk under the GateKeeper keyholes? Do you schedule your work around special events at Cedar Point? You may, in fact, be born to visit Cedar Point.

Does your decorating style rely heavily on Cedar Point maps?

Do you have a favorite outfit you love wearing to the park?

Are you secretly waiting for a rollback?

Here are some of the signs you were born to visit Cedar Point!

1) Sharing is not an option

Sharing is not an Option

2) A behind the scenes view gets you excited

A Behind the Scenes View Gets You Excited

3) A rainy day at Cedar Point is better than a sunny day at the office

A Rainy Day at Cedar Point is Better Than a Sunny Day at the Office

4) A trip to the store is an adventure

A Trip to the Store is an Adventure

5) Going into a dangerous environment is thrilling

Going Into a Dangerous Environment is Thrilling

6) Seeing the dead brings tears of joy

Seeing the Dead Brings Tears...of Joy!

7) Sleeping in a tent suddenly sounds appealing

Sleeping in a Tent Suddenly Sounds Appealing

8) You have very specific line strategies

You Have Very Specific Line Strategies

9) Suddenly climbing a mountain doesn’t seem all the unsurmontable

Suddenly Climbing a Mountain Doesn't Seem All That Unsurmountable

10) You have your own definition of hanging out

You Have Your Own Definition of Hanging Out

What is your Cedar Point sign?

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