Top 8 Reason to Take a Toddler to Cedar Point

Top 8 Reason to Take a Toddler to Cedar Point

Whether you are new parents, or have a mini-van filled to capacity, taking a toddler to an amusement park can be a daunting task. Especially because all there is to do is ride big and fast roller coasters, right?

Before dismissing the idea altogether of taking your toddler to Cedar Point, consider the following.

I am here as a parent to tell you visiting Cedar Point with kids is a breeze. Yes it takes some effort and planning ahead of time, and a little bit of baggage (diapers, wipes, bottles, etc.), but showing your child the fun that comes out of visiting Cedar Point can be, dare I say, even more enjoyable that riding a roller coaster for yourself.

Cedar Point is more than just hyper-coasters built for the big kids. The park is built as a family friendly amusement park, and that is why these are the Top 8 Reason to Take a Toddler to Cedar Point.

1) Peanuts, and not the Kind That Cause Hives

140524 Linus at Cedar Point

Visiting a character can be a different reaction for lots of kids, from pure terror to utter excitement, and if you child can not stand the thought of hugging Snoopy, with time and more exposure, that will wear off.

Cedar Point is packed full of all the Peanuts characters from the front of the park, all the way back to Camp Snoopy. It is an excellent opportunity to acquaint your toddler with Charlie Brown and his friends, maybe even giving the chance for a dance party at one of the shows.

2) Fun Through Different Eyes

140524 Cedar Point Peanuts Road Rally

Your idea of visiting Cedar Point might be totally different from when you were single till now having a young toddler with you. However, taking your child gives you a new way to experience being a parent and letting your kid try things outside of the home environment.

Our family spends a great deal of our time at Kiddie Kingdom, Planet Snoopy, and Camp Snoopy. While some areas are better than others for toddlers, these are a great way to introduce your child to the fun of rides.

3) Time for Big Rides Too

While you will not be able to fit your butt into some of the kid rides, there are some great adult rides that you can experience with your toddler. For example, the Antique Cars or Cadillac Cars can be rode by anyone, provided they are accompanied by a supervising adult. Or take a loop around the Lake Erie & Cedar Point Railroad, a trip around the Giant Wheel, enjoy the timelessness of the Carousel, or see Cedar Point from the air on the Sky Ride.

4) Unleash Their Wild Side

Lots of toddlers do not like to be constrained. They have identified their legs are for mobility and are on the go. As a parent, stopping that momentum is not always the best strategy for avoiding the “T” word…tantrums. Once you have gone over that bridge, there is no net that can stop it.

So if confining your kid to a stroller is not in the cards for the entire day, find an area of the park where they can stretch their legs.

140524 Cedar Point Dino Dig

One of the sweet spots of the park that is ideal for the toddler Olympics is with Dinosaurs Alive. If your child can get over the fact of the giant dinos are creeping around every corner, the trail also is an ideal location to let the kids stroll without the worry of darting off into crowds or getting trampled by pedestrian traffic. Plus, there is a GREAT hidden dinosaur dig (sandbox) on the trail that is a super location to let the kids play freely while the parents get a nice relax in the shade on the sides.

The added benefit to allowing the kids to run free a little bit at Cedar Point, is it also helps with encouraging an afternoon nap in the stroller, ensuring a break for everyone (and maybe even allowing you to sneak a ride on the Millennium Force).

5) Feed the Beast

09-140719 Cedar Point Johnny Rockets Snoopy Souvenir Mug

The best strategy for any parent to avoid meltdowns is to always keep your child well fed and hydrated, and this is of course true of Cedar Point. Packing bottles/sippycups and some light snacks is a great idea to keep young toddlers from getting cast into a Halloweekends role.

However, food stands around the park offer kid friendly meal options including cute Snoopy and Woodstock cups and bottles for you to take home as a souvenir.

6) Family Care Centers

Forget something at home, or just need a break from the heat? Cedar Point offers two Family Care Centers that give you private restrooms, secluded nursing stations, quiet playrooms, ice cold water, changing rooms, medical facilities, and can provide you with a diaper, wipes, etc. should your supply have run low.

Guests should not count on the Family Care Centers to provide all of your family’s needs, but they are there should you need them.

7) Parent Swap

Any day at Cedar Point would not be complete without a little bit of fun for the parents too. That is why Cedar Point offers the Parent Swap program. Simply visit Guest Services (at the main gate); Town Hall Museum; or the Resort Entrance Gate (near Magnum) and request a Parent Swap pass.

8) Outdoor Time

Anytime spent outside with kids is beneficial in countless ways. What is good for the kids is also good for the parents as it allows the kids to dispel some of that energy. However, do NOT forget the sunscreen!

These are our family’s Top 8 Reason to Take a Toddler to Cedar Point, but what are yours?

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