Cedar Point Platinum Fresh Cut Fry Deal

140920 Cedar Point Platinum Meal Deal- Fresh Cut Fries

Back in 2012, Cedar Point added a list of special food offers that were reserved only for Platinum season passholders. Among the more popular offers was a fresh cut fry deal, where guests purchased a chili cheese fry and received a regular fry AND two free beverages. The fry deal could be purchased at Cedar Point’s Hot Potato, Mr. Potato or Happy Friar.

In 2014, the majority of the special Platinum food offers were eliminated as dining plans were rolled out. However, the fresh cut fry deal, as well as a Toft’s sundae deal on Sundays was introduced.

As dining plans continued to expand, the platinum food deals continued as well as the standard 10% off the majority of food items.

Despite the Cedar Point website showing the Platinum offers during the entire off-season, as soon as the park opened for the Valravn world premier weekend, guests started being told that the fresh cut fry deal was changing. Now, after purchasing a chili cheese fry, you get a free fresh cut fry. The two free drinks were no longer going to be included.

We independently confirmed with several people the fresh cut fry deal was changing. On May 14, 2016, the language on the Cedar Point website was officially changed to remove the two free drinks.

Cedar Point has confirmed with us that the Platinum fresh cut fries deal will return for 2017.

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