Cedar Point Valravn Signature Food Items

Are you ready for Valravn, Cedar Point’s world record breaking roller coaster, to take flight this week? So are we, and we are equally as excited to talk about all the new signature food options that will be available with the Valravn namesake. So let’s “dive” right in at the Cedar Point Valravn Signature Food Items!

Dippin’ Dots Cookie Crown Crunch

A select group of Cedar Point associates including Tony Clark, Jason McClure, and Executive Chef Phil Bucco sat around a table mixing and matching various flavors of Dippin’ Dots trying to come up with the best flavor combination. One would think, given the copper and dark blue colors of the ride, the Dippin’ Dots would mimic the flavors. However, the park team decided upon a Cookie Crown Crunch by name, and you might be surprised by the flavors.

Blueberry and Cookies ‘n Cream with Oreo cookie pieces. The flavor combination is fantastic!

160505 Cedar Point Valravn Cookie Crown Crunch

Valravn Black/Red IPA

The Brew Kettle, a local craft-your-own beer facility out of Strongsville, Ohio really hit it out of the ballpark when it came to creating a custom Cedar Point dubbed Rougabrew for the 2015 debut of the Rougarou roller coaster. The Brew Kettle then followed up with a trio of new signature brews for Halloweekends.

So it was a given that the new Valravn roller coaster would get it’s own king of beers to sit besides the thrown.

For 2016, Cedar Point and the Brew Kettle will reveal Valravn Red/Black IPA. “Teetering between blood red and pitch black, malt and hops battle for supremacy with every sip…which one will rise to power and claim the crown…DARE.2.DIVE”

5.75 % Alc./Vol. 50 IBUs

160508 Cedar Point Brew Kettle Valravn Beer

FlavaRavn Fizz Coca-Cola Freestyle

Did you download the Coca-Cola Freestyle app and plug in the Rougacool recipe for 2015? A new signature Cedar Point Valravn “FlavaRavn Fizz” drink is now available from Coca-Cola Freestyle location.

The recipe is 70% Pibb Xtra Cherry Vanilla and 30% Fanta Orange soda.

160508 Cedar Point Flavaravn Fizz

Toft’s Valravn Salty Caramel Fudge Truffle Ice Cream

160407 Toft's Cedar Point Valravn Ice Cream

@Toft’s Dairy

Back on April 7, 2016, Toft’s Dairy, a local Sandusky ice cream manufacturer, announced their newest Cedar Point creation for Valravn, Salty Caramel Fudge Truffle. Guests can not only buy the ice cream at the Toft’s Ice Cream stand within Cedar Point, but it is also available at select grocers in the Ohio region.

Valravn Funnel Cake

160527 Cedar Point Valravn Funnel Cake Sundae

Check out the new signature park Valravn funnel cake which plays off the same flavors as the Toft’s ice cream. Available at Toot Sweets near the entrance to the Frontier Trail, guests can purchase a Valravn Funnel Cake Sundae.

Featuring a classic funnel cake topped with three servings of soft serve ice cream, whipped cream, a large scoop of fudge, caramel and chocolate toppings.

The Valravn funnel cake costs $10.29 before the season pass discount.

Valravn Sweet Spot Treats

160602 Cedar Point Sweet Spot Valravn Fudge

The Sweet Spot now sells a featured Valravn flavored fudge similar to the Toft’s ice cream. It is made up of a combination of chocolate fudge and salted caramel fudge!

You can also get Valravn chocolate covered Twinkies.

160602 Cedar Point Sweet Spot Valravn Twinkies

Valravn chocolate covered pretzels

160602 Cedar Point Sweet Spot Valravn Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Valravn chocolate covered Oreos

160602 Cedar Point Sweet Spot Valravn Chocolare Covered Oreos

Valravn Gourmet rice crispy treats

160602 Cedar Point Sweet Spot Valravn Krispie Treats

Valravn marshmallow wands

160602 Cedar Point Sweet Spot Valravn Marshmallow Wands

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