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Save Money on Cedar Point Hotels with Groupon Coupons

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We all like to save money where we can, and sometimes when visiting an amusement park, as a captive audience, that is tough to do. Though we know you are all creative in ways to save money around the parks.

Take for example eating at the park, which we like to think we know a thing or two about. The old school way of thinking was avoid the high prices of food and beverage by packing a cooler and going out to your vehicle to eat when the time calls.

However, the parks got smart and introduced dining plans. Guests can purchase Cedar Point dining plans in many forms including single meal deals, all-day dining, or all-day dining. You can read about which option is right for you in the below series of articles.

Is All-Season Dining Worth the Cost?

Is All-Day Dining Worth the Cost?

Cedar Point Hotels

Being a local, we have the distinct advantage of being able to drive to Cedar Point on a moments notice and after reaching for the stars, cozy back into our own beds for the night. However, the marketing reach of guests attending Cedar Point has widely been cast, especially with the Sports Force Park drawing in guests from around the nation.

So where do you put all those guests? Into hotels. How do you save money on those hotels? That becomes a little bit trickier.

Given the Cedar Point hotels are privately owned and not part of a larger group like the International Hotel Group (IHG) or Hilton Hotels, they control the prices and often with very few sales and promotions. Nor can you earn or use hotel loyalty points to redeem for a free night every once in a while.

So you have to be a little creative in looking for ways to save money on accommodations when visiting Cedar Point.

One option is to stay with local family or friends. Another could be to rent a vacation home in the area. Then there is the group that stay in hotels. Lots of guests will stay in the low budget local places, like those found in our Top 10 Cedar Point Area Hotels, as voted upon by thousands of guests at TripAdvisor.

Honestly, that is a great way to save a bunch of money provided you do not mind basic amenities.

However, there are some great benefits to staying at a Cedar Point branded hotel. One of everyone’s favorite amenities is early entry, giving you a full hour of riding before regular guests enter the gates. Hello, time saver! Plus staying on property gives guests the full resort feel with use of the pools, the beach, free shuttles (where available), and more.

So how can one save money on Cedar Point hotels? You would think booking directly through them would give you the best rates. After all, most major hotel chains guarantee the best rates when booking directly through them.

Travelocity Logo

However, after a little bit of investigation, we discovered some really fantastic rates through Groupon Coupons using Travelocity.

You have to scroll through the various promotions to see which ones work for you, but we decided to run an experiment and see if these rates get us a better deal than booking directly through Cedar Point.

For our experiment, we picked an arbitrary day, Saturday, August 12, 2017 for two adult guests.

Take for example Hotel Breakers, Cedar Point’s premier hotel.

170812 Cedar Point Hotel Breakers Prices

Booking directly on the Cedar Point site shows a room only price of $318 ($361.73 after taxes).

Now if we go to the Groupon Coupons page and click on Save $30 off Hotel Booking of $300 at Travelocity, we get the same rack rate of $318; however, after applying the coupon we save $30!

170812 Travelocity Hotel Breakers Prices

You might like that deal, but if you look around, there are some sweet spots to be found within the system.

Take for example the same night for Cedar Point Express Hotel. Booking directly on the Cedar Point website shows $209 ($237.74 after taxes).

170812 Cedar Point Express Hotel Prices

Now jump over to the Groupon Coupons link to Travelocity, and the price drops to $167 ($190.18 after taxes). However, pair it with Save $10 off Hotel Booking of $100 at Travelocity promo code, and you saved yourself over $50!

170812 Travelocity Cedar Point Express Hotel Prices

So as you can see, the Groupon Coupons savings with Travelocity is an excellent tool to potentially save you a bunch of money off your Cedar Point hotel stays.

Let us know in the comments below what sweet spots you found using Groupon Coupons.

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Review: Cedar Point Shores Crystal Rock Cafe Brisket

170622 Cedar Point Shores Crystal Rock Cafe Brisket

Guests love BBQ brisket! It is a fact of life we have come to learn, and taking a tough piece of meat and turning it into a tender creation takes a careful hand and just the right amount of cooking.

New for 2017, Cedar Point Shores opened up the Crystal Rock Cafe. In addition to lots of really great options, we were really excited to see the park offer a premium product like brisket on the Cedar Point dining plans.

The meal includes a sandwich with several slices of brisket and your choice of side, which varies from mac and cheese, spiral wedges, or waffle fries.

170718 Cedar Point Shores Crystal Rock Cafe Brisket (1)

What we really like about this menu option is the sandwich is served on a nice Kaiser roll and the brisket is exceptional tender, making each bite melt in your mouth.

On the opposite side, where we really look for improvement is the flavor of the meat. Though sliced thin, we did not taste much, if any, crunchy outside dry rub on the meat. Further, the only BBQ sauce offered was that from the Heinz dispensers. While the Heinz BBQ sauce is decent and great for dipping the seasoned fries into, we expected a high quality, freshly made BBQ sauce on top of the sandwich.

170718 Cedar Point Shores Crystal Rock Cafe Brisket (2)

The perfect example is over at Kings Island. The Island Smokehouse brisket is freshly carved and features a very flavorful dry rub. However, Chef Nate also makes his own BBQ sauce, and the spicy version (our favorite) is a great topping to the meat.

We are very grateful that brisket is now available not only at Cedar Point, but also on the dining plans! With some slight changes, the brisket could be a great option at Cedar Point.

170718 Cedar Point Shores Crystal Rock Cafe Brisket (3)

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2017 Cedar Point Peanuts Character Breakfast

150524 Cedar Point Snoopy Hug

One event we have been hoping for years would come to Cedar Point is the Peanuts characters breakfast buffet. Dorney Park is offering FREE character breakfasts for their season passholders this year!

Cedar Point will offer their Peanuts character breakfasts on Sunday, July 23 & 30 and August 6 & 13, 2017. The event takes place from 8:00 am – 9:30 am in the Lakeside Dining Room.

The buffet style menu includes French toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage links, fruit salad, mini muffins, yogurt & toppings, orange juice, apple juice, coffee and fountain beverages.

The cost is $14.99 for Adults and $9.99 for kids 10 and under.

140718 Cedar Point Coaster Campout Food

Breakfast of Assorted Pastries & Yogurt

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