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Review: Cedar Point Bay Harbor Lake Erie Perch

One of the most important natural resources for living in northern Ohio is an abundance of fresh water from the great lakes. With all that fresh water comes one of the regions important fish, the Lake Erie Perch. While we eat a lot of perch, especially during Lent with weekly fish fry events, we decided to try the Cedar Point Bay Harbor Lake Erie Perch on a recent visit.

As a reminder, Bay Harbor is located on the Cedar Point peninsula but outside of the park. Therefore, guests can visit Bay Harbor all year long. During the off-season, Bay Harbor is open for dinner Wednesday through Saturday, with daily operation resuming once Cedar Point opens.

All meals are served with complimentary bread and flavored butters which are always delicious!

We started out the meal with the Bay Harbor garden salad, which features mixed greens, cucumber, red onion, grape tomatoes, carrots, and house dressing. We always really enjoy the salads at Bay Harbor for their fresh ingredients and the house dressing has the perfect hint of sweetness to it.

170329 Cedar Point Bay Harbor Garden Salad ©Brad Kilgore

©Brad Kilgore

The Lake Erie Perch meal includes three pieces of lightly breaded fish that are fried. The meal is served alongside a Key Lime Slaw and seasoned potato wedges.

We always wish the potato wedges would be served inside of Cedar Point instead of the ones they use now because they are really good! The slaw is terrific and the fish was fresh and well seasoned.

170329 Cedar Point Bay Harbor Lake Erie Perch ©Brad Kilgore

©Brad Kilgore

For dessert, we opted for the Chocolate Cake which is really good and an excellent way to cap off the meal.

170329 Cedar Point Bay Harbor Chocolate Cake ©Brad Kilgore

©Brad Kilgore

Have you tried any of the above menu items at Cedar Point’s Bay Harbor? If so, we would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

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Discount Cedar Point Tickets on Groupon

April 2017 Cedar Point Groupon

Looking for Discount Cedar Point Tickets? Cedar Point released a handful of tickets on the conglomerate discount site Groupon on July 21, 2015. They sold out within days. They brought the promotion back a week later and it again sold out within a day. Then for the third time last season, discounted Cedar Point tickets were available on Groupon and sold out within days.

Ahead of the world premier debut of Cedar Point’s Valravn roller coaster, discount Cedar Point tickets were on Groupon in April 2016 for $41.44 each, more than they had ever been listed prior. At the end of July 2016, they went on sale again for $39.99 each. Then in August 2016, tickets went on sale FOR ONE OF THE LOWEST PRICES WE EVER SAW, $33.80 and were valid through September 11, 2016!

So we are always excited when we see the discount Cedar Point tickets on Groupon return.

Link: Groupon Cedar Point Tickets (affiliate link)

Tickets are currently $41.59 per ticket (valid through September 4, 2017) or $69.99 for a two day ticket (valid through October 29, 2017).

The Two Day, Any Day option is valid for one guest for two visits, any two days to Cedar Point and/or Cedar Point Shores Waterpark during the 2017 operating season. The ticket can be used for two non-consecutive or consecutive days in any combination: two days at Cedar Point, two days at Cedar Point Shores, one day at each park, or two days at both parks on the same day.

The one day ticket is currently cheaper than the price on the Cedar Point website by $11.20 per ticket!

The two day ticket on Groupon is currently cheaper than the online price of just buying it through the Cedar Point website because you will not pay tax or the processing fee, saving you $8.80 per ticket.

While the Christmas in July sale is typically the best price on tickets all season, at only $29.99 per person, that sale only lasts one day. Therefore, this sale is typically one of the best prices for tickets to the park. We highly anticipate this sale selling out sooner than later like it did each year.

Be sure before you head to the park to check out our Cedar Point Food Guide, with tons of tips and info to help plan your adventure.

If you elect to use our link above, we are provided with a small commission on your purchase. It costs you nothing additional to use our link. You do not have to use our link, but we greatly appreciate when you do!

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2017 Cedar Point Brew & BBQ

160527 Cedar Point Brew & BBQ Tickets

Can you smell the smokers slow cooking meat? That aroma means it is time to start getting excited for one of Cedar Point’s most popular events, the Brew & BBQ.

The 2017 Cedar Point Brew & BBQ takes place on the following weekends:
May 19 – May 21
May 26 – May 29
June 2 – 4
June 9 – June 11

Brew & BBQ starts at 2:00 pm each day and runs until close. However, food and beverage sales end a half hour before park close.

Admission to Brew & BBQ is included with your park ticket/season pass. However, if you wish to try any of the food or beverage, you will need to purchase tickets.

Advanced online sales are $67 for Cedar Point + Brew and BBQ Admission. Tickets for Brew & BBQ are $20 when purchased in advance.

If you wait to purchase tickets until you arrive at the park, they are $97 (Cedar Point + Brew and BBQ Admission Bundle), $30 (Brew and BBQ Only (park admission required)), or $25 (Brew and BBQ Only (Passholders, Resort Guests and Marina Passholders)).

An additional 15 tickets can be purchased at the event for $20.

Your Brew & BBQ admission gets you 15 tickets, a souvenir sample mug, and live entertainment.

Season passholders, upon checking into the event, will receive a bonus ticket redeemable for a 12 oz. glass of the Brew Kettle beer.

Just like previous years, 1 ticket gets you a sample of beer, or a sample of BBQ, or new for 2017, 1 dessert. 3 tickets gets you a 12oz beer or full serving of BBQ. 1 ticket can also be used at the Round Up for a 16oz Coca-Cola product.

160527 Cedar Point Brew & BBQ

2017 Cedar Point Brew & BBQ Menu

So now for the important stuff, the menu! This year Brew and BBQ will include dessert options, which we are really excited to try!

There will be four styles of BBQ at the event:

Taste of Carolina
Pulled Pork Sliders
Chicken Sliders
Served with a trio of Carolina Sauces

Kansas City
Smokehouse Ribs
Pecan Tartlet
Banana Cream Pie

BBQ Pork Shoulder Sandwich
Smoked Sausage

Smoked Sliced Brisket
Barbecue Carnitas Nachos

Besides the desserts, the menu looks pretty similar to last years. So check out our full review below of all the menu options.

Reference: 2016 Cedar Point Brew & BBQ

We want to hear what you love about Brew & BBQ. Let us know below in the comments.

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