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Review: Cedar Point Halloweekends Specialty Baked Potatoes

Exclusively for the Halloweekends event at Cedar Point, Executive Chef Phil Bucco has brought back specialty baked potatoes that you might want to try before the end of the season. The park reused the food booths from the Brew & BBQ event, and placed them on the Gemini midway.

Turkey Dinner Baked Potato

The food stand sells the specialty baked potatoes. First up is the Turkey Dinner Baked Potato. A standard baked potato is sliced open and filled with turkey, cornbread stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce for $9.00.

The turkey was large chunks of turkey that were perfectly prepared, and we really enjoyed the size of the meat.

The stuffing, gravy, and cranberry were also all excellent! When everything was tied together, the turkey dinner baked potato was a tower of deliciousness. Note: The pictures may be deceiving, but these were large baked potatoes stuffed with all the toppings.


Our only suggestion is while the amount of stuffing and turkey was adequate, we all thought the potato could have used more gravy and cranberry sauce. By the time you ate the toppings with the potato, there was nothing left to eat with the remaining potato.

Overall, we really enjoyed the turkey dinner baked potato and love that Chef Phil has introduced this creative option.

Pumpkin Stuffed Sweet Potato

We also tried the pumpkin stuffed baked potato, featuring roasted pumpkin, cinnamon, and marshmallow topping for $7.00.

We love the creativeness of this new food option at Cedar Point. In our eyes, the whole point of going to an amusement park to eat should involve getting to eat things you normally would not get at home or a restaurant. That being said, the pumpkin stuffed sweet potato is one of those options that will either be loved or hated by guests.


While the sweet potato and toppings were all an excellent accompaniment, the roasted pumpkin had a very strong smokey flavor to them. Some people may love that, but we are not big fans of an overbearing, strong smoke flavor. The pumpkin tended to overpower the rest of the flavors from the cinnamon, marshmallow, and sweet potato itself.

Great attempt, and some may really enjoy the pumpkin stuffed sweet potato. However, it was not for us. We will stick with the turkey dinner as our potato of choice.


The price point of the specialty baked potatoes was up $1 each compared to when they were first introduced in 2016. You received a large potato stuffed full of toppings at a reasonable price.

The turkey dinner stuffed potato was our favorite, though ask if they can add some more gravy and cranberry sauce if that is your thing and you want some to enjoy when you get to the bottom of the potato.

Did you try the specialty potato stands during Cedar Point’s Halloweekends? If you, please let us know your feedback below in the comments.

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Review: Cedar Point Chickie’s & Pete’s Buffalo Chicken Salad

170829 Cedar Point Chickie's & Pete's Buffalo Chicken Salad (1)

One of our favorite menu items to eat at all Cedar Fair parks is the variety of salads they sometimes offer. Often times finding one worth your time can be a challenge, but when we find a good one, we keep coming back for more.

For example, at Kings Island there is the Chicken Shack salad which is great! Or at Carowinds our go-to meal every visit is the custom salads at Harmony Hall.

As guests with the Cedar Point dining plan, we always enjoy the Frontier Inn chicken salads (Asian or BLT).

Of course we always run into a clunker too like the Johnny Rockets chicken salad or the side salads served as an option at select food stands.

So we were excited when Chickie’s & Pete’s expanded their Cedar Point dining plan options by adding the Buffalo Chicken Salad.

170829 Cedar Point Chickie's & Pete's Buffalo Chicken Salad (2)

The buffalo chicken salad is a bed of greens topped with crumbled bleu cheese, slices of buffalo chicken cutlets, shredded carrot, diced tomato, and chopped celery with choice of dressing.

170829 Cedar Point Chickie's & Pete's Buffalo Chicken Salad (3)

Honestly, the Chickie’s & Pete’s buffalo chicken salad was fantastic! The meal was perfectly sized with just the right portion of ingredients.

The salad was fresh and flavorful.

170829 Cedar Point Chickie's & Pete's Buffalo Chicken Salad (4)

Our experience at Chickie’s & Pete’s has really been great this season, and the buffalo chicken salad now ranks up there as one of our favorite salads served in the park!

If you tried the buffalo chicken salad at the Cedar Point Chickie’s & Pete’s, let us know what you thought below in the comments.

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Win 2017 Haunt Tickets for Cedar Point, Kings Island & More

2017 Coke Cedar Fair Haunt Promotion

Once upon a time, drinking Coca-Cola products, savings the codes from packages, and redeeming them on was a valuable proposition. If guests played their codes right, they could redeem for free Cedar Fair tickets during the summer months, and for a while they offered from December promotions for discounted gift cards and prizes. The good ole days!

When the My Coke Rewards program ended earlier in 2017, the programs was replaced by something we were told would be much better, but we all knew better, that there was no better!

Now the “rewards” program resides over on, and codes no longer qualify as points, but simply entries into the various promotions they offer. So far since rolling out, the program has offered little value across the board.

With a little shining glimmer of hope, the Coke Rewards program rolled out their fall Haunt promotion with Cedar Fair, offering pairs of tickets to a handful of parks for a few (200 pairs awarded) winners.

Visit the Coke Cedar Fair landing page and sign into your account. If your account qualifies for the promotion and you enter codes before September 18, 2017, you are entered to win a pair of tickets.

Couple items to note.

Maximum of 12 codes can be entered per account.

You must live within 125 miles of a Cedar Fair park. Participating parks are Cedar Point, Kings Island, Valleyfair, Dorney Park, Kings Dominion or Worlds of Fun.

E-Ticket valid any park operating day between 10/15/17 and 10/29/17.

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