Best Ways to See Cedar Point During the Off-Season

Best Ways to See Cedar Point During the Off-Season

It does not take long after the gates of Cedar Point close for the season, that guests start to go a little coaster crazy yearning for the opportunity to get a glimpse of the FUN they had the previous year and what is to come for the new season. Most years, the park announces their intentions for the next season with a new ride or attraction, or in the case of 2017, the opening of a completely revamped Cedar Point Shores water park. However, 2017 is also a little different.

Back in September during the burial service for Mean Streak, guests were left hanging about the impending future of the ride. While it was implied the ride would be getting the axe, most of us could read see through the paint markings on the structure to realize there were bigger plans in the future and the ride could be going through a “transformation.”

Once Cedar Point left the guests clamoring to hear more news about Mean Streak, there were those that found themselves “sneaking” into the vicinity to capture a rare shot of the metal track being installed. The park quickly reacted by issuing a statement that warned the park is closed for the season and any attempt to get access to the property unauthorized would be dealt with accordingly. In addition, security personal are stationed around Mean Streak to prevent eavesdroppers.

So now that Cedar Point is closed, what is the best ways to see Cedar Point during the off-season?

1) Cedar Point Web-Cams

The easiest way to see the park during the off-season is to pull up on your computer the live stream of Cedar Point. The three (3) cameras are situated at various locations around the park and the staff change the view of the cameras throughout the year.

The cameras provide a great opportunity to see the park from sunrise to sunset 365 days of the year.

2) Battery Park

If you must get a first-hand look of the park, you can do so from Battery Park, located across the bay from Cedar Point. The free park provides a complete view of the western side of the Cedar Point peninsula. We recommend parking your vehicle and then walking out the marina to the end of the wall.

With a good zoom powered lens, you can get some spectacular photos of the Cedar Point peninsula.

3) By Boat (or Plane)

If you want a closer view of the Cedar Point park, you could always use a personal boat or airplane to get within close proximity of the park. However, weather certainly plays a factor in whether you can get a boat out in the water.

4) Bay Harbor Restaurant

One great way to see Cedar Point up-close during the off-season is by visiting Bay Harbor Restaurant. Not only is this a great opportunity to enjoy a really spectacular meal, like Pasta Night on Wednesdays, but you can also see the entire southwest corner of the park including Blue Streak, Raptor, Valravn, and GateKeeper.

While you may not be able to hear the screams of excited guests during the off-season, you certainly can at least quench your appetite for both amazing food and coaster views.

5) Winter Chillout

For the diehard fans that just can not wait until the spring, Winter Chillout is the official off-season event where guests can get into the park on guided tours, find out surprising news about the pending season that has yet to be revealed, and go behind-the-scenes of some of the parks exclusive areas like maintenance and warehouse storage areas.

There is a charge to participate in Winter Chillout, but all proceeds benefit charity each year. Tickets are limited, so it is best to purchase your tickets early if you plan on participating.


Seeing Cedar Point in the off-season is easy. However, the alternative is to let the park reveal their plans in good time.

While it is one thing to want to see the park during the off-season, it is another thing entirely to want to spoil the FUN. That is why when it comes to sensitive matters like the future of rides, etc., it is better to wait until the park reveals their plans in good time. A lot of planning goes into development of new rides including design, budgets, approvals and permitting, intellectual rights, etc. Sometimes it is better to just let things happen the way they were meant to be and not spoil the surprise.

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