Top 9 Cedar Point Attractions For First Timers

Top 9 Cedar Point Attractions For First Timers

You are known among your friends as a Cedar Point addict, the expert, the one to go to for planning information on Cedar Point. So every once in a while, you have a friend who has never been to Cedar Point and wants to come along for the ride.

Lets take a typical day at Cedar Point and show your guest the Top 9 Cedar Point Attractions For First Timers.

We will assume you arrive right as the park opens at 10:00 am and stay until 10:00 pm. So lets get started.

1) Millennium Force

Upon arrival, you head immediately to Millennium Force with your friend. This way you enjoy the morning breeze while soaring from 310 feet tall at over 93 miles per hour. You also avoid the typical 2 hour wait time later in the day.

2) Maverick

By 11:00 am, you make your way to the back of the park for Maverick. By now some of the guests have made their way back to Maverick, and there is a little bit of a wait. By noon, you have conquered the 95° drop angle of the first hill and two inversions, ready to conquer your day with your first timer.

3) Top Thrill Dragster

By 12:30 pm, the summer heat has kicked in, and so have the crowds. The wait time peaks at 2 hours to ride Top Thrill Dragster, and has been up and running steady all day. However, this is your friends first time getting blasted at 120 MPH to over 420 feet straight up towards the sky, so you suck it up and wait in line.

4) Lunch at Famous Dave’s BBQ

Due to your Cedar Point addict status, you know it is better to eat during off-peak hours. So now that it is near 2:45, you head over to Famous Dave’s BBQ. You share the Feast, and sit well rested and full to conquer the rest of your day.

5) Raptor

While in the front of the park, you decide to knock off the Raptor. The six inversions of Raptor is sure to test out the stomach of your friend who has never experienced the G-Force of a cobra roll, but you promise them an ICEE should there be any queasy issues. By now the time is near 4:00 pm.

6) GateKeeper

With everyone’s mind in a swirl, you wobble over to GateKeeper on the east side of the Cedar Point peninsula. This amazing coaster comes with a 2 hour wait time, but the smoothness of the coaster makes it all the worth while.

7) WindSeeker

The time is now 6:30 pm, and it is time for some marathon riding. So you walk around the corner and take in the sky from the top of WindSeeker.

8) Cork Screw, Iron Dragon, and Power Tower

From 7:00 till 9:00 you take in the Cork Screw, Iron Dragon, and Power Tower, the last perfectly timed with the sunset.

9) Luminosity

After your marathon riding session, you perfectly catch the beginning of Luminosity, Cedar Point’s evening performance.

Exhausted, you grab an elephant ear for the ride home, knowing that you have created a new Cedar Point fan from your spectacular first day experience.

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