Is All-Day Dining Worth the Cost?

Is All-Day Dining Worth the Cost

For those of us with season passes, we find the All-Season dining plan to be a spectacular value considering we can eat twice per day at all of the Cedar Fair parks with our Platinum passes. A guest previously wrote in and asked what the break even point on the All-Season dining plan was, and whether we thought it was worth the investment.

For our complete analysis of the All-Season dining plans, visit our post, Is All-Season Dining Worth the Cost?

Today Colleen writes in and asks, “What’s your opinion on value of the All-Day food pass? I have four adults and two five year olds to feed for two days.

All-Day dining plans are currently $31.99 and allow a guest to eat every 90 minutes. Drinks are not included.

While the available dining plan menu options are the same on the All-Day and All-Season dining plans at all the rest of the Cedar Fair parks, at Cedar Point, there are some variations with additional food choices. Review the latest Cedar Point dining plans options for reference, and note there are different options between those with the Single Meal Deals and those with All-Day or All-Season dining plans. For all other park dining plans, review our Cedar Fair park food guides.

After purchasing an All-Day dining plan, you take the voucher to any food stand in the park and they will give the guest a wristband for use throughout the day.

Depending on where you eat throughout the day, meals can vary in size from just enough to feed one person, to more than enough to share. We do not recommend getting an All-Day meal plan for every guest in your party, as eating every 90 minutes provides plenty of opportunities to share. The only stipulation is the guest with the wristband has to order the food.

For simplicity purposes, an entree with side costs roughly $10-12.00 with a drink costing around another $4.00. Therefore, your break even point is approximately 3 meals with the All-Day dining plan. Given one can eat every 90 minutes, that provides a lot of opportunity to get value out of the dining plans.

Before we had All-Season dining plans, we would get the All-Day dining plans to share among 4 of us (Our kids were little and our fifth child was a baby at the time). Eating every 90 minutes provided plenty of opportunity to continually keep mouths fed, even if sometimes it was only a bite or two per person. We would let the kids eat the first meal (or two) and 90 minutes later the adults shared a meal. By the third 90 minutes, the kids may be hungry again.

Assuming you get your first meal around 11:00 am, that provides a second meal at 12:30, third at 2:00, fourth at 3:30, and you will be rolling out of the park with a fifth meal by 5:00…and you still have till closing to enjoy the plan.

Tip: Make sure to scan your wristband as soon as possible, and ask if you can scan it when you order your food at sit down restaurants instead of at the end of the meal when they bring your check. This starts the 90 minute clock for your next meal. If you wait to scan till the end of your sit down meal, you delay the 90 minute wait between meals.

Keep in mind, if packing a couple peanut butter and jelly or lunch meat sandwiches in a cooler along with snacks and drinks is more than adequate to keep you full throughout the day, go ahead and bring them along. However, you will have to leave the cooler in your vehicle (or at the picnic pavilions). Make sure to get your hand stamped so you can get back into the park. However, realize time is wasted in the process of walking back to the car, eating, then walking back in. Within that hour, you could have rode your favorite coaster.

For us and countless others, the dining plans have provided a great opportunity to keep guests in the park to eat the food and ride.

In Summary

Generally speaking, we think the All-Day and All-Season dining plans provide a great value for guests so long as you plan on utilizing them. The guest needs to determine how much food they typically would eat in a visit. If you can share meals and make do with the time constraints between servings, there provides plenty of opportunity to get value out of the system.

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6 thoughts on “Is All-Day Dining Worth the Cost?

  1. Patsy Ruckman

    Great information on the All-Day meal plan. Going to try it when visiting the park on Thursday…Thanks again

  2. LeAnn Tripp

    We tried the plan and for us, it was NOT worth it! The menu items for the plan range in price from just under $8 to just over $10. We arrived at the park around noon, having already eaten breakfast. We ate lunch about 1:30, dinner about 6:30 and forced ourselves to eat a late meal at 10:30. We paid $35 (with tax & fees) for the plan, but had we been paying cash, we would have paid $10, $7.89 & $7.59 for the food we got. Even if you tack on a couple of dollars for tax we would have spent under $30 for the same food. Plus we probably would not have even gotten the late meal as we usually don’t eat that late and I personally wasn’t really hungry. Plus, we didn’t like the fact that you had to select from certain places and items. For example, we went to watch a show around 1:00 with the thought in mind that we could eat will we watched. But the saloon, which did offer food, was not on the eating plan so we had to eat at the burrito place next door (burritos are good and large) and wait for the next show. If you are trying to eat more often because you are sharing the plan, then you are taking even more time out of your day to eat. I had gotten us each a plan because we wanted to eat at the same time, have the option of getting different menu items and didn’t want to have to worry if there was enough to share one meal! We found that we would have spent less if we had just bought our food as we went!!

    1. Pam carter

      Thanks for your information
      I was planning on taking large church group about 30 kids so you think the plan is suitable for teens as far as the menu items or would it make since to pay as we go.

      1. Justin Post author

        Really depends on how much they can eat and/or if any of them are willing to share. Eating every 90 minutes provides lots of opportunities to eat. You can review menu prices in each of our park food guides and then compare to the cost of the all-day dining plan.

        Since you’re bringing a group, you may want to consider the Small Group meal packages.


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