Top 10 Ways to Cool Down at Cedar Point

Top 10 Ways to Cool Down at Cedar Point

We have all been there before, all excited for a long day at Cedar Point to get to ride your favorite thrill rides, only to have a hot summer day smack you straight in the face and zap all of the energy out of you. Well do not fret my friends, as these handy tips will keep you cool throughout the day at Cedar Point.

10) Step Into the Air Conditioning

Want a free cool-me-down? If the heat is getting to you and you need a break, take advantage of this great freebie at Cedar Point. Just step inside at any of the restaurants, shops, or shows and take advantage of the cooler air. On a busy day you might need to be patient, but grab a cozy chair at Starbucks and enjoy the air conditioning while people watching. Or grab a bite to eat at Johnny Rockets and enjoy the live entertainment of the wait staff.

9) Grab a Frozen Custard

Visit Engine Company No. 3 Frozen Custard at the back of the park or Coaster Creamery Frozen Custard on the main midway and grab yourself a wonderful frozen custard treat.

8) Shade is Your Friend

While some areas of Cedar Point are better than others, if the direct rays of the sun are getting to you, be sure to grab a spot in the shade under a tree. This would also be an ideal time to head back to Frontier Town, as the wooded environment is an ideal location to cool your body temperature.

7) Get Wet and Wild

Fortunately, as the phrase goes, Cedar Point has a ride for that. Head towards the back of the park and ride Snake River Falls or Thunder Canyon. Each ride has varying degrees of wetness, but no matter what, you will walk away having a good time and a little bit cooler to enjoy your day.

6) Get ICEE

Stop one of the various ICEE stands throughout the park to enjoy a flavored frozen drink, sure to drop your Fahrenheit.

5) Stay Hydrated

Always one of the most important tips to surviving a day at Cedar Point is to ensure you drink plenty of liquids. In addition to requesting a free cup of water from any of the food and beverage stands, if you purchased a refillable mug, be sure to skip the soda several times a day and fill up with cold ice water. This will help keep you hydrated, as well as quench any immediate need to eat.

4) Wind in your Hair

If you are visiting Cedar Point, our best guess is you are there to take in a thrill ride (or ten). So get on board a roller coaster, or even WindSeeker and soar in the sky while enjoying the cooler breeze against your face.

3) Snow as Big as Your Head

Stop by Frontier Chill or Top Chill Snowcones and hand over some cash for a giant sized shaved ice topped with your favorite flavoring.

2) Two Words Only

Dippin’ Dots

1) Unsalted and Shark Free

Feeling a little bit overheated while at Cedar Point? You might get totally immersed in the Cedar Point environment, but remember the entire park is on a peninsula surrounded by Lake Erie. Take a couple minutes to walk out the entrance adjacent to WindSeeker (remember to get your hand stamped) and dip your toes into Lake Erie for a refreshing time. Just remember to wear lots of sun screen and/or a hat while on the beach to avoid getting burnt.

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