The Cedar Point Story of Salt Water Taffy

Ask anyone who visited the park decades ago, and one of their favorite memories of Cedar Point may have been the salt water taffy. Take some corn syrup, sugar, water, and some other ingredients, boil them, and stretch it until it forms taffy, and you have a favorite chewy treat.

140524 Cedar Point Salt Water Taffy (1)

The CPFB has been on a mission to find out where the salt water taffy is manufactured, because despite the boxes saying “Sandusky, Ohio,” they are not actually made in the park, and have not been for quite some time.

According to the book Images of America Cedar Point, by David W. Francis, Diane DeMali Francis:

“The Coffelt Candy Co. replaced the Old Cedar Point Candy Co. Besides selling salt water taffy Coffelt’s also operated a popcorn stand. Like its predecessor, Coffelt’s offered a half dozen flavors of taffy, but found that black walnut was always the top seller. Next to the Coffelt stand was the Kentucky Derby racing game.

During the early 1900s, taffy was pulled by hand, but by the 1940s, [a machine]…automatically pulled the taffy until it was ready to be placed in a machine and cut and wrapped each piece individually. The taffy was then displayed behind glass and sold in one-pound boxes. Customers could buy one flavor or an assortment of their choice.”

Today, Coffelt’s, located in Springfield, Ohio still is in operation and provides the salt water taffy for Kings Island.

140524 Cedar Point Salt Water Taffy (2)

In 2000, Cedar Point elected to outsource the production of salt water taffy to Sweet’s Candy Company in Utah. Sweet’s is the largest producer of salt water taffy in the nation. Rather than traditionally pulling the taffy, Sweet’s whips theirs allowing for a flavorful, less sticky, softer piece of taffy.

Sweet’s provides Cedar Point with a random assortment of salt water taffy. They also separately provide the following flavors: Banana, Chocolate, Peppermint, Watermelon, Neapolitan, Strawberry, and Vanilla.

140508 Cedar Point Sweets 'n Treats Candy Shoppe Salt Water Taffy

In 2015, Cedar Point introduced the Sweet Spot store along the main midway. In addition to hand making a variety of treats like chocolate covered strawberries, fresh cookies, and fudge, you can also pick up Sweet Spot signature taffy. The Sweet Spot signature taffy is once again made by Coffelt’s Candy Company.

150508 Cedar Point Sweet Spot Cotton Candy Taffy

150508 Cedar Point Sweet Spot Taffy

So now that we know who provides Cedar Point’s salt water taffy, is there anywhere else we can get it? The answer is yes! Sweet’s Candy Company provides salt water taffy nationally to Walmart. So when you get that craving, you can just head down to your local big box retailer and grab a bag off the shelves.

What do you think of the Cedar Point salt water taffy?

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9 thoughts on “The Cedar Point Story of Salt Water Taffy

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  2. mattzcat

    In 1970, I worked for the Coffelt Candy Company, in the food court near the base of the Space Spiral. I would typically cook about 2000 lbs. per day.

    1. Donald W Sprouse

      I work there to from 1975-1977. it was fun and I work with Harold. Mr. Coffelt was a good person to work for.

  3. Derek Mcdoogle

    My wife has always loved saltwater taffy and I have wanted to get her some for our anniversary. You mentioned that rather than traditionally pulling the taffy, Sweet’s whips theirs allowing for a flavorful, less sticky, softer piece of taffy. I didn’t realize that there are other ways of making taffy. Can you order if in bulk?

  4. Theresa

    not at all happy with the salt water taffy I just purchased yesterday when I visited Cedar Point – something has definitely changed! yes it is softer and less sticky, but it also does not have the same taste. NOT AT ALL PLEASED… and I spent $16 on large box of it because I dont’ get to CP very often!


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