Kings Island Food Guide

Want to know about Kings Island food, restaurants and dining located in Mason, Ohio? You have come to the right place!

Click on the restaurant links below for menus, insider tips, suggestions, and a list of CP Food Blog posts and reviews about that restaurant!

2017 Kings Island Dining Plans
2016 Kings Island Dining Plans
2015 Kings Island Dining Plans

Kings Island Current Map
Kings Island Historical Maps

Take a look around the various dining options you may visit during your Kings Island visit. All of the restaurants are broken down by page, and are available by clicking the Restaurant Guides at the top of the site.

Kings Island Dining

Auntie Anne’s

Bier Garten

Chicken Shack



Coca-Cola Freestyle

Coca-Cola Marketplace

Coney Treats/Coca-Cola Refresh Station

Coney ICEE Mix-It-Up

Coney Potato Works

Dippin’ Dots

130728 Kings Island Eiffel Tower


Graeter’s Ice Cream

Hanks’ Burrito Shack

Ice Scream Zone

International Street Funnel Cakes

International Street Pizza

Juke Box Diner

Panda Express

Paradise Island

Planet Snoopy Grill

Planet Snoopy Ice Cold Drinks & Snacks

Planet Snoopy Ice Cream

Ralph’s Ice Cream

Reds Hall of Fame Grille

Rivertown Funnel Cakes

Rivertown Pizza

Rivertown Potato Works

Skyline Chili

Snoopy’s Snack Shack

Kings Island Snow Cones



Sweet Spot


Tower Drinks

Yogurt Plus

Kings Island Soak City Dining

Calypso Coolers

Coca-Cola Refresh Stations

Coconut Cove Cafe

Dippin’ Dots

Island Smokehouse

Sno-Cones & Lemonade



Former Dining Locations

Banshee Berries

Rivertown Hot Dogs

Snake Pit

World’s Greatest Funnel Cakes

Have a specific dining question? Leave us a comment on a particular page and we will help you with your special request.

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