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4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Judith Musser

    I see the Breakwater Café listed on the dining plan on the Cedar Point website, yet this website states that it is not available. Which is correct? If it is available, what type of meal would qualify?

  2. Sharon Miller

    Better check your facts. Midway Market is NOT honoring the season pass meal deal, only the one day meal deal. This is very discriminatory. They gave it to all of us but are only taking it away from the season pass meal deal people. NOT RIGHT. If they want to take it away then take it away from all of us.

    1. Justin Post author

      You are correct, those that purchase the single meal deal can still do so at Midway Market. The All-Day and All-Season plans are no longer supposed to be accepted at Midway Market, but as it typical, it may vary depending on who is manning the entrance. Some of the “kids” running the cash register may still let the All-Day or All-Season plans in.


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