Town Hall Drinks and Popcorn Wagon

170506 Cedar Point Popcorn Wagon

Service: Counter Service

Location: Rear of the park near Village Square Auto Livery/Antique Cars and Town Hall Museum

Type of Food: Beverages and popcorn

Cedar Point Dining Plans: No

Souvenir Popcorn Bucket $7.29/ Refill $0.99

Popcorn Bag- $5.59

Bottled Beverages- $3.99

Dasani Bottled Water- $3.99/4 for $12

Powerade- $4.39

Important Info: You can also use your refillable bucket at other Cedar Fair parks. For example, at Carowinds and Dorney Park you can refill your bucket with popcorn for only $0.99! At Kings Island refills are $2.

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Have you dined at the Cedar Point Drinks and Popcorn Stand? If so, how was your experience? Great service? Good food? Tell us below in the comments!

140524 Cedar Point Popcorn & Drink Cart

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2 thoughts on “Town Hall Drinks and Popcorn Wagon

  1. Christy C

    Our family loved the souvenir popcorn bucket. We refilled it several times in 2 days! Great little snack while walking around the park. This stand we weren’t able to get our platinum pass discount since it didn’t have a scanner.

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