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Panda Express used to reside in a small building in front of Harmony Hall that was formerly know as the County Fair section of the park. The building used for the former Carowinds Panda Express was formerly a Chicken Wing and Popcorn Shrimp stand starting in 2001. Prior it was a Taco Stand in 1996, Marketplace Treats & Snacks in 1991, The Sausage Haus in 1987, a Hot Dog Stand in 1982, and the Royal Morsels food stand all the way back in 1973. Following the 2016 season, the building was razed and Panda Express was relocated into Joe Cool Cafe for the 2017 season.

Service: Counter service

Location: Planet Snoopy

Type of Food: Asian style cuisine

Carowinds Dining Plans: Yes


Plate (2 entrees & 1 side; 380-1460 calories)- $12.49

Bigger Plate (3 entrees & 1 side; 530-1930 calories)- $14.49

Side Choices: Chow Mein (510 calories); Fried Rice (520 calories); White Steamed Rice (420 calories)

Entrees: Orange Chicken (380 calories); Kung Pao Chicken (290 calories); Beijing Beef (470 calories); Broccoli Beef (150 calories); Shanghai Angus Steak (Add $2.25; 310 calories); Honey Walnut Shrimp (Add $2.25; 360 calories); Grilled Teriyaki Chicken (300 calories); SweetFire Chicken Breast (380 calories); Black Pepper Chicken (280 calories)

Chicken Egg Rolls (1; 200 calories)- $3.95
Veggie Spring Rolls (2; 190 calories)- $3.95
Cream Cheese Ragoons (3; 190 calories)- $3.95
Crispy Shrimp (3; 130 calories)- $3.95


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150409 Carowinds Panda Express

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