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151101 Cedar Point 2015 Rougarou Coin

Starting back in 2013, Cedar Point introduced a new commemorative coin program highlighting the major improvements in the given year. The official announcement came by way of a blog article on July 19, 2013. The inaugural coin was of GateKeeper, available in limited quantity, and the only way to get one was by way of a “Tweetup” with Tony Clark.

Guests are encouraged to follow Tony Clark on Twitter, and throughout the season, he will randomly make an announcement telling you where to meet him in the park, and in exchange, you can win the coin or a variety of other prizes.

The coins are only produced on a very limited run of only 500 each. In addition, they are individually numbered on their edge.

To date, the following coins have been produced.

2013- GateKeeper
2014- Blue Streak
2015- Rougarou
2016- Valravn
2017- Cedar Point Shores

Since Cedar Point fans tend to be a pretty tight knit group of people, we thought it could be helpful to create an official registry of who owns which coin. This could be especially helpful if you own a certain number of one coin and are looking to find the matching edition of another series.

To test how effective this will be, leave a comment below. Please be sure to leave your name and email address. In the comment field, please list the coin information in the following format:

Year- Ride; Coin #

2013- GateKeeper; #217
2014- Blue Streak; #287
2015- Rougarou; #488
2016- Valravn; #429
2017- Cedar Point Shores; #236

The above also happen to be the coins we have in our hands currently.


Should enough people post their coin information, we will place it into a more manageable format.

If you see someone who has a coin number you would like to trade for, feel free to leave a comment on their respective post. All trade arrangements are between the represented parties and the CPFoodBlog bares no responsibility for those transactions.

If trades are made, please be sure to leave a comment so they can be effective tracked.

Thanks and have fun!

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15 thoughts on “Cedar Point Coin Registry

  1. Pressed Penny Collector

    Very sad to hear that there will be no pressed penny for the Valraven. I have been a Cedar Point pressed penny collector for years. What a disappointment!


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