Cedar Fair Parks

Cedar Fair was formed as the parent company to Cedar Point and Valleyfair when the former purchased the later in 1987. Today Cedar Fair owns and operates 11 amusement parks, two outdoor water parks, one indoor water park and five hotels located across North America.

Cedar Fair Amusement Parks

California’s Great America
Canada’s Wonderland
Cedar Point
Dorney Park
Kings Dominion
Kings Island
Knott’s Berry Farm
Michigan’s Adventure
Worlds of Fun

Cedar Fair also operates the following park for the city of Gilroy, California.

Gilroy Gardens

Cedar Fair Outdoor Water Parks

These properties all require separate admission.

Cedar Point Shores
Knott’s Soak City

Cedar Fair also has outdoor water parks attached to amusement parks that are included in the price of admission as follows.

Boomerang Bay (California’s Great America)
Carolina Harbor (Carowinds)
Oceans of Fun (Worlds of Fun)
Soak City (Kings Island)
Soak City (Valleyfair)
Splash Works (Canada’s Wonderland)
Soak City (Kings Dominion)
WildWater Adventure (Michigan’s Adventure)
Wildwater Kingdom (Dorney Park)

Cedar Fair Indoor Water Parks

Castaway Bay

Cedar Fair Hotels

Cedar Point Hotel Breakers
Cedar Point Express
Cedar Point Sandcastle Suites
Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel

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