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2017 Dorney Park Dining Plans

2017 Dorney Park Dining Plans

Are you ready for the 2017 season to start at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom? We are excited to try the new Dodgem and Huss manufactured Kaleidoscope as well as some of our favorites like the Steel Force and our former Cedar Point ride, the Demon Drop.

Dorney Park also features some great food, and the best way to experience it is with the 2017 Dorney Park dining plans. Our Dorney Park food guide is packed with loads of information on dining locations, menus, prices, photos, and reviews. Take a look around and if there is a menu item you tried, feel free to leave your feedback.

In addition to the new dining plan options, Dorney Park has several new dining locations for 2017 including Auntie Anne’s and Papa Luigi’s Pizza.

So lets take a look at the 2017 Dorney Park Dining Plans.

Single Day Meal Deal- $13.99 (Includes meal, side, and beverage)

All-Day Dining Plan- $31.99 (Eat every 90 minutes; no beverage included)

All-Season Dining Plan- $115.00/$138.00 (Platinum)(Eat twice per day spaced four hours apart; no beverage included)

All-Day Souvenir Cup- $10.99 (Free refills day of purchase/$1.00 per refill thereafter)

All-Season Souvenir Cup- $29.99

All-Season Drink Pass– $29.99

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2017 Dorney Park Dining Plans

Amore Pizza (Behind Midway Carousel)
– 2 Slices of Pizza (Cheese, Pepperoni, or Veggie) and Breadsticks

Burger Barn (Located next to Demon Drop)
– Cheeseburger & Fries
– Bacon Cheeseburger & Fries
– Double Cheeseburger & Fries
– Bacon Double Cheeseburger & Fries
– Chicken Tenders & Fries
– Crispy Chicken Wrap Combo & Fries
– Crispy Breaded Chicken Sandwich with Fries

Center Stage (Located next to Dominator)
– Hand Breaded Chicken Tender & Fresh Cut Fries
– Chicken and Shrimp & Fresh Cut Fries
– Fried Shrimp & Fresh Cut Fries
– Jumbo All Beef Hot Dog & Fresh Cut Fries
– Gluten Free Chicken Tenders & Fresh Cut Fries

Chickie’s & Pete’s (Across from Sea Dragon (Dorney Park), Chickie’s & Pete’s Sports Bar (Located across from White Water Landing) and Wildwater Kingdom Chickie’s & Pete’s across from Wave Pool (Wildwater Kingdom))
– Chickie’s Cutlets with fries
– Buffalo Cutlets with fries
– Dry Rub Wings (Sports Bar location only)
– Buffalo Wings (Sports Bar location only)
– Tossed Salad (Sports Bar location only)
– Buffalo Chicken Salad (Sports Bar location only)
– Caesar Salad (Sports Bar location only)
– Cheesesteak & Fries (Dorney Park by Sea Dragon location only)
– Chicken Cheesesteak & Fries (Dorney Park by Sea Dragon location only)

Clucks & Franks (Located across from Screaming Eagle)
– Chicken Tenders & Fries
– Jumbo All Beef Hot Dog & Fries
– Veggie Tenders with Fries
– Mini Corn Dogs with Fries

Coasters (Located next to Screaming Swing)
– Chicken Tender & Fresh Cut Fries
– 1/3 lb Cheeseburger & Fresh Cut Fries
– 1/3 lb Double Cheeseburger & Fresh Cut Fries
– 1/3 lb Bacon Cheeseburger & Fresh Cut Fries
– 1/3 lb Bacon Double Cheeseburger & Fresh Cut Fries
– Gluten Free Chicken Tender & Fresh Cut Fries
– Veggie burger With fresh cut fries

Mariner’s Munch (Located next to Wildwater Kingdom Rita’s)
– Fried Cod and Fries
– Chicken and Shrimp with Fries
– Chicken Tenders with Fries
– Fried Shrimp with Fries

Monster Grille (Located next to Possessed)
– Cheesesteaks and Fries
– Chicken Tenders and Fries
– Grilled Sausage Sandwich with Peppers and Onions with Fries

Papa Luigi’s (Located along Wildwater Kingdom’s Main Midway)
– 2 Slices of Pizza (Cheese, Pepperoni, or Veggie) and Breadsticks
– Cheesesteak with Fries
– Garden Salad with Breadsticks

Smokehouse Barbecue (Located in front of Center Stage)
– Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich & Side
– Rotisserie Chicken & Side
– 3 Side Sampler with Cornbread
– Garden Salad with Rotisserie Chicken and Cornbread

Smugglers Snacks (Located by the Wave Pool)
– Cheeseburger with fries
– Bacon cheeseburger with fries
– Chicken tenders with fries

Snake Bites (Located across from Snake Pit)
– Jumbo All Beef Hot Dog with side
– Mac and Cheese with side

Subway (Across from Center Stage (Dorney Park) and across from Tradewinds (Wildwater Kingdom))
– Any 6″ Sub and Chips
– Any Salad with Chips

Suppertime (Located in Planet Snoopy)
– Chicken Tenders & Fries
– Jumbo All Beef Hot Dog & Fries
– Macaroni & Cheese with Side
– Mini Corn Dogs with Fries

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2016 Dorney Park Dining Plans

As always, dining plans are subject to change and availability. Did you see an option listed on the menu boards that was either new or removed? Be sure to take a picture and let us know below in the comments.

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2017 Dorney Park New Food Offerings

Dorney Park will be getting two new attractions (Dodgem and Kaleidoscope) and a whole new catering facility for 2017.

The new Parkside Pavilion catering facility will have capabilities of feeding over 2,000 guests and will be similar to Cedar Point’s Lakeside pavilion with covered seating, hot and cold food service areas, and self service beverage stands.

Dorney Park will also offer new food stands this season, giving guests additional choices in dining options while also adding convenient drink refill choices.

Auntie Anne’s

The Philly Pretzel Factory stand, located near the entrance to Planet Snoopy, closed at the end of the 2016 season and will be rebranded as a new Auntie Anne’s.

2017 Dorney Park Auntie Anne's Concept Art

Coca-Cola Refresh Station

The souvenir drink program, and specifically the All-Season souvenir drink bottles, have created a lot of demand which can often tie up food stands in an inefficient manner. That is why you see a big push corporate wide to add new Coca-Cola refresh stations.

Dorney Park will be getting their own Coca-Cola Refresh station along the main midway between Clucks and Franks and the arcade.

Papa Luigi’s

2017 Dorney Park Papa Luigi's Pizza Concept Art

We are really excited about the new Papa Luigi’s stand at Dorney Park. The new food stand, in the former Typhoon Treats inside Wildwater Kingdom will offer guests freshly made pizza, Philly Cheesesteaks, and Coca-Cola beverages.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Cedar Fair All Season Souvenir Bottle

160430 Cedar Point Valravn Souvenir Cups

The souvenir drink bottles tend to have a love/hate relationship among park goers. Those of us who still travel with a stroller have no problem bringing along our souvenir bottles when going on rides. However, those that are strollerless or do not have people to hold their belongings are encouraged to rent a locker for storing your bottle. While the souvenir bottles can be an excellent value, they can also have hidden costs when you need to pay to store them.

While there are other storage options liking hiding your souvenir bottle behind a bush or on top of the lockers, you do so at your own risk of them getting stolen or thrown away.

Carowinds rolled out a test all season long souvenir cup in 2015; however, since it was rolled out in late July, they may not have been too well received since half of the season was already over.

Well the good news is the all-season souvenir bottles were rolled out at all of the Cedar Fair parks in 2016 and will continue in 2017 due to their overwhelming success!

How Much Do the All Season Souvenir Cups Cost?

For $29.99, guests can enjoy unlimited refills throughout the 2017 season. The price is currently the same online as it is proposed in the parks.

In addition to the cost of the cups online, you pay tax and processing fee. You can wait and purchase the cups at the park in 2016. However, there is no guarantee that the prices will remain the same as they are right now. The all-season cups are currently $29.99 at all the parks. So while you may save on the taxes and fees by purchasing in the park next season, you basically would be paying around the same price as you will now online.

At least if you purchase them online now with the season pass, you can break the cost up over 9 payments.

Why Are the Souvenir Bottles So Expensive?

If you know anything about the restaurant business, margins are very low on food. While a regular guest paying $15 for a meal makes the company money, a guest on the meal plan carries risk of eating more throughout the year than the cost of the plan. An all-season meal plan at $90-113 (2017 All-Season dining plans at Fall 2016 prices) with an average $11 for a meal ($15 – $4 for a drink not included on the meal plan), means you need to eat at least 9 meals throughout the season to break even. At two meals a day, that means on your fifth visit you break even.

The park than carries a risk of you eating more meals and eating into their profits.

That is where the souvenir cups make up the difference and where the park makes real money.

When you purchase a souvenir cup, regardless of whether it is regular bottle or all season version, you pay upfront a fee to use the cup. In addition, the cost of the bottle far exceeds the cost of the dispensed beverages, which costs cents. No matter how many times you refill the cup, the park makes money.

So the short answer is, the parks make their money on the souvenir bottles more than the food, and thus why you pay a premium for the bottles.

Where Can You Use the All Season Souvenir Cup?

Just like in 2016, we have independently confirmed from park officials that the 2017 all season cups will be able to be used at ALL Cedar Fair parks!

There still tends to be some confusion about where you purchased your souvenir cup online versus which park you take them to redeem. For example, can you purchase your cup through the Cedar Point website but redeem for them at Carowinds since they open earlier in the season?

In 2016, we successfully did redeem our Cedar Point souvenir cup receipt at Kings Dominion. While we are sure this will still be the case in 2017, you should try and purchase your cup at which ever park you will visit first to avoid confusion. Thereafter, you can use the cups at ANY Cedar Fair park.

Word to the wise! The all season cups will become highly valuable this year, and just leaving them around makes them all the more prone to theft. Factor in the cost to secure your cup during each visit, or you will find yourself thirsty at the well.

160404 Carowinds Souvenir Cups and Popcorn Bucket

Should You Purchase the Yellow (All-Day) or Red (All-Season) Souvenir Cups?

The all-season cups are red this season. However, there are still yellow cups that are free refills on the day of purchase and $1 refills all season.

During the 2014 and 2015 seasons, one could reactivate your cup on a subsequent visit to get unlimited refills on that day versus paying the $1.00 per refill fee. So the question was, could you reactivate the all-day cups?

Cup reactivation was deactivated in 2016 with the introduction of the all-season cup.

Therefore, if you plan on visiting more than a couple times, it makes sense to get the all-season cup (red). If you are only visiting for one, or even a couple visits but do not plan on drinking a lot, it may make more sense to buy the yellow cup and get $1 refills on subsequent visits.

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