We stick with what we know best, the food! However, we know the main reason most people visit Cedar Point and other Cedar Fair parks is for the roller coasters, rides and to have a fun time with family and friends. Therefore, we would like to highlight a couple other websites that do an outstanding job highlighting the many attractions around the park.

Cedar Point Fan Sites

CPFansite 2015 Logo CP Fansite (Facebook/Twitter) – The CPFansite is a group of friends who have an extremely strong passion for Cedar Point. Most of the team met each other at the park and through their affiliation with the Coaster Crew. The writers and contributors continue to make new friends at the park everyday as they look for new and exciting things to report on. CPFansite strives to give you the latest news, stories, videos, pics, tips, and tricks on the greatest amusement park in the world!

CP Rundown CP Rundown (Facebook/Twitter) – CP Rundown is a website that is dedicated to featuring in-depth news and blog stories, photos, videos, and construction updates of the World’s Greatest Amusement Park, Cedar Point! They consist of a small team who love Cedar Point and like to feature the park online! For the best results, it is recommended to follow them on social media.

Point PixelsPoint Pixels (Facebook/Twitter) – Point Pixels offers the self-proclaimed world’s largest collection of Cedar Point photography, online! They offer guests a fantastic photographic journey into some of the history of the park, as well as up-to-date photographs of various spaces and rides. We also love following them on Twitter, as they release daily historical facts.

PointBuzzPointBuzz (Facebook/Twitter) – One of the leaders in the space on discussion of Cedar Point. PointBuzz offers readers up-to-date news and a dynamic community with extensive forums covering all sorts of topics on the park. This a great site from a historical perspective discussing much of the history of Cedar Point. Take some time searching through the forums, and you will learn something new.

We also really enjoy following the Point Online’s Facebook page, as they offer some great historical news stories about various events, rides, and attractions around the park.

My Own CP LogoMy Own CP (Facebook/Twitter)- A unique perspective from Alex, at first showing his thoughts on various aspects around Cedar Point from the viewpoint of a guest, then as an employee.

Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad

California’s Great America Fan Sites

Inside CGA Logo Inside CGA (Facebook/Twitter)

Canada’s Wonderland Fan Sites

Coaster Circuits (Twitter/Instagram)
Matt does a good job with weekly updates from Canada’s Wonderland.

Carowinds Fan Sites

Carowinds Connection LogoCarowinds Connection (Facebook/Twitter)

– Offering an extensive forum covering all aspects of Carowinds. They also offer an extensive collection of historical photos of recent ride improvements.

Carowinds Early Years– A terrific resource of historical photos going back to Carowinds creation. Make sure to check out the Then & Now section, showing side-by-side comparisons from various aspects from around the park.

Kings Dominion Fan Sites

KD Golden Years Logo KD Golden Years (Facebook– Offering guests a terrific historical perspective of Kings Dominion going back to the Paramount days.

Kings Dominion Connoisseurs (Facebook)- One of the more active Facebook groups covering all aspects of Kings Dominion.

Kings Island Fan Sites

KICentral KICentral (Facebook/Twitter) – KI Central is a website dedicated to uniting fans of Kings Island and bringing them together all in one place. Take advantage of their website and register to be able to interact with their friendly user community and participate in discussions within their forum.

KI Extreme offers a great collection of historical photos going back to the Paramount days.

Knott’s Berry Farm Fan Sites

Knott's Network Knott’s Nework (Facebook/Twitter) – The premier site covering everything related to Knott’s Berry Farm. With Knott’s being open year round, the site offers daily updates with changes from around the park.

Historical Knott’s Websites
Knott’s Berry Farm Souvenirs
Let’s Talk Knott’s

Worlds of Fun Fan Sites

Worlds of Fun .org LogoWorlds of (Facebook/Twitter)- To help future park patrons by providing the most accurate and complete information about Worlds of Fun in a fun environment, to provide a community for all Worlds of Fun fans, and to preserve Worlds of Fun’s unique history for its past, present and future visitors.

General Fan Sites

California’s Coaster Kings (Facebook/Twitter)
Coaster 101 (Facebook/Twitter)
Coaster Addict (Facebook/Twitter)
Coaster Chit Chat (Facebook/Twitter)
Coaster Nation (Facebook/Twitter)
Park Journey (Facebook/Twitter)
Theme Park Insider (Facebook/Twitter)
Theme Park Review (Facebook/Twitter)

Coaster Clubs

Below is a list of recognized coaster clubs by Cedar Point as of 5/23/17.

· ACE (American Coaster Enthusiasts)
· Club de Fans de Montanas Rusas
· Club TPR
· CoasterBuzz
· European Coaster Club
· GOCC (Great Ohio Coaster Club)
· Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain

As of 2/2/18, Kings Island accepts the following coaster clubs to events.

· The American Coaster Enthusiasts
· Club Theme Park Review
· Coaster Buzz Club
· Coaster Crew Platinum
· FLCC (Florida Coaster Club)
· Great Ohio Coaster Club
· European Coaster Club
· Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain

The following are coaster clubs that still may be accepted at events held at other Cedar Fair parks.

·Coaster Zombies
·DAFE (Darkride and Funhouse Enthusiasts)
·NAPHA (National Amusement Park Historical Association)
·WNYCC (Western New York Coaster Club)

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