Chicken Shack

150516 Kings Island Chicken Shack

Service: Counter service

Location: Action Zone near Banshee

Type of Food: Hand Breaded Chicken

Kings Island Dining Plans: Yes


Combo Meals include 20 oz Coca-Cola fountain drink for $3.99 more.

3 Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders Basket (1130 calories)- $12.69 (Review)

Chicken Tender Wrap Basket (1580 calories)- $12.99 (Review)

Crispy Chicken Salad Combo (1000 calories)- $11.59 (Review)

Kids Meal (Child sized entree, apple slices, Goldfish crackers, and kids souvenir cup)- $____

Side Garden Salad (230 calories)- $4.99
Fresh Cut Strawberries (100 calories)- $3.99

Texas Toast (150 calories)- $1.99
House Sauce (130 calories)- $1.29

Kings Island Drinks

Important Info:

Famous Dishes: Marinated for 24 hours and hand breaded chicken tenders

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Prior to becoming Chicken Shack, this location was the Stunt Crew Grill, and before that, Cafe Kilimanjaro.

Kings Island Stunt Crew Grill

©Ron Rip, ThemeParkInsider

Kings Island Stunt Crew Grill Menu

©Ron Rip, ThemeParkInsider

Stunt Crew Grill served burgers, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, BBQ sandwiches, fries, soft drinks, and beer.

1997 Kings Island Cafe Kilimanjaro

™ & © 1997 Paramount Pictures. ® & © Paramount Parks Inc.

During the Cafe Kilimanjaro days, the location served the following.

1/4 Lb. Hamburger All Beef Pattie Served On A Sesame Seed Bun
1/4 Lb, Cheeseburger All Beef Pattie Topped With American Cheese Served On A Sesame Seed Bun
Corn Dog
Turkey Sandwich
French Fries
French Fries With Cheese

A la Carte And Drink Menu Available.

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