Review: Kings Island Chicken Shack Hand Breaded Tenders

150517 Kings Island Chicken Shack Hand Breaded Tenders

It is not often we can say we crave amusement park food. However, Kings Island Chicken Shack, located near the Banshee roller coaster, has changed the way we forever think about chicken fingers. The majority of the time, the parks serve the standard prepared chicken tenders that leave a lot to be desired, though kids love them.

During a recent visit, we decided to use our Kings Island dining plans at the Chicken Shack, which offers guests a choice between a 3 chicken tenders meal or a chicken salad.

Our selection was for the chicken tenders (3), which are marinated for 24 hours before being hand breaded and fried. The meal is served alongside a signature sauce, fries, and Texas toast.

The chicken was extremely tender with an excellent breading, and the dipping sauce was a tremendous accompaniment to the meal. The meal is also served with a piece of Texas Toast, which was terrific and perfectly grilled. The fries, while a substantial portion, are the standard fries and a far cry from the freshly made variety. However, the meal was easily enough to share.

You know the meal Kings Island Chicken Shack hand breaded chicken tenders must have been excellent when the following days created a deep urge to want to go back and get them again.

Excellent job Kings Island team for creating a true masterpiece by reinventing the chicken tenders concept, and placing it on the dining plans!

170415 Kings Island Chicken Shack Hand Breaded Tenders ©Jarred Bour-Jones

©Jarred Bour-Jones

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9 thoughts on “Review: Kings Island Chicken Shack Hand Breaded Tenders

  1. Steve H.

    This is a direct copy of Raising Cane’s in Ohio. Right down to the sauce. Good or not, there’s no originality here. Same thing can be had all over Ohio at Canes.

    1. Matt Brodbeck

      Raising Cane’s is indeed the obvious inspiration behind Chicken Shack. However, the recipes are definitely different as the Chicken Shack is much improved in taste over Cane’s. In fact the overbattered, greasy, flavorless recipe Cane’s uses has to be some of the most disgusting chicken tenders I’ve ever had. Chicken Shack, on the other hand, has just the right amount of batter surrounding the tender chicken to create a scrumptious meal worthy of my time even without the sauce. That sauce, by the way is the only thing that makes Cane’s tenders even slightly edible. So, if you’re trying to compare Chicken Shack to its inspiration, do, at least, be aware that Chicken Shack is far superior to Raising Cane’s.

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  3. Angel

    I would have to agree that these are the best breaded chicken fingers my family has ever had. We went to King’s Island in August and can’t stop talking about Chicken Shack’s tenders. I have even gone as far as trying to find the recipe on line. The breading was seasoned perfect yet the chicken was still juicy. It makes my mouth water just writing this. If you ever find the recipe please share. We request that Cedar Point also get a Chicken Shack. I hope they do because it is a much shorter drive.

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