2018 Cedar Point Bay Harbor Valentine’s Day Menu

This year Bay Harbor, Cedar Point’s year round lake front restaurant, will offer their special Valentine’s Day menu starting February 14 through 17, 2018.


Shrimp Cocktail (Jumbo shrimp, Bloody Mary cocktail sauce, preserved lemon)- $14

Crab Cakes (Homemade with Maryland Blue)- $12

Escargot (Garlic Shallot Butter, Cheese Baquette)- $12

Spinach & Feta (Stuffed crimini mushrooms, oven roasted)- $12

Bacon Wrapped Scallops (Crispy applewood bacon, sea scallops with brown sugar glaze)- $14

Soups and Salads
French Onion (Sherry reduction, three cheese blend, onions)- $8

Lobster Bisque- $9

Caesar Salad (Romaine, Parmesan, Croutons, Caesar Dressing) $7

Garden Salad (Whole leaf Ohio grown lettuce, Cucumber, Red Onion, Heirloom Tomatoes, Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing)- $8

Cupid Salad (Poached shrimp, romaine lettuce, candied pecans, honey goat cheese, raspberry vinaigrette)- $12


Cheese Tortellini (Wild mushrooms, asparagus and roasted bell peppers tossed with three cheese tortellini in a white wine pesto sauce)- $24

Chicken Scaloppini (Sauteed with lemon and white wine, vegetables, multigrain rice pilaf)- $25

Alaskan King Crab Legs (Lightly Steamed, Drawn Butter, Herb Infused Whipped Potatoes)- $40 (1 lb), $55 (1 ½ lb)

Lobster Tail (South African Cold Water, Drawn Butter, Vegetables, Herb Infused Whipped Potatoes) $42

Blackened Grouper Oscar (Vegetables, Crab, Béarnaise, Multigrain Rice Pilaf) $32

Lake Erie Perch (Lightly Breaded, Deep-Fried, Steak Fries, Bay Harbor Slaw) $28

170329 Cedar Point Bay Harbor Lake Erie Perch ©Brad Kilgore

©Brad Kilgore

Oven Roasted Atlantic Salmon (Braised fennel, preserved lemon, multigrain rice pilaf)- $32

Broiled Sea Scallops (Pomegranate glaze, vegetables, multigrain rice pilaf)- $32

Filet Mignon (8 oz., Wine Demi-Glace, Vegetables, Herb infused whipped potatoes)- $39

Surf and Turf (5 oz. Filet and Petite Lobster Tail, Port wine demi-glace, Vegetables, Herb infused whipped potatoes) $48

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2018 Cedar Point Bay Harbor Discount

150314 Bay Harbor Parmesan Salmon

What’s the mantra…better late than never! Cedar Point and Bay Harbor have offered discount dining during the off-season for the past several years. Usually the promotion starts right after the park closes for the season. However, for 2018, they tried running without any discount, and now that February is here, decided it was time to bring back the promotion to encourage guests to visit the peninsula.

Cedar Point’s Bay Harbor has decided to bring back their off-season discount program on both Groupon and Living Social (new this year). Similar to years past, make sure to read through the restrictions below to make sure you can use the vouchers. After a price increase in 2017 and changing of terms in two separate runs of the program, they have decided to return to the 2016 price point.

2018 Cedar Point Bay Harbor Groupon

Purchase a $50 voucher good for Wednesday through Saturday for $25. Groupon voucher is good through April 28, 2018 (Not valid February 16-17).

So what is good to eat at Bay Harbor? For starters, we think the Lobster Bisque is one of the best we have ever eaten. We are also big fans of the pasta night, though that promotion is not valid with the Groupon.

Link: Bay Harbor $25 for $50 (affiliate link)

BONUS: Use promo code LOVE to save an additional 20%, meaning $50 worth of food for only $20! Ends 2/14!

180205 Cedar Point Bay Harbor Groupon Promo Code

2018 Cedar Point Bay Harbor Living Social

For the first time that we can recall, Bay Harbor is also offering the same promotion through LivingSocial. Same exact terms as the Groupon offer, $25 for $50 in food with restrictions that the voucher cannot be combined with any other discount, promotion, or special offer including the two for $50 menu.

Link: Bay Harbor $25 for $50 (affiliate link)

BONUS: Use promo code LOVE20 to save an additional 20%, meaning $50 worth of food for only $20! Ends 2/14!

We are super excited to have the Bay Harbor discount return again for 2018! Maybe we will see you on one of our visits. If you take advantage of this offer, be sure to reach out to us and let us know what you liked (or what could be improved), and of course we would love to see pictures of what you eat!

We make a small commission should you elect to make a purchase using our link above. You do not have to use our link, and it costs nothing additional, but we appreciate if you do!

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2018 Cedar Point CoasterMania Hotel Discounts

The time has come to start thinking about Cedar Point’s annual CoasterMania event, which gets guests access to exclusive ride time (ERT) both in the morning and evening on the first Friday of June, this year being June 1st.

CoasterMania requires a separate ticket in addition to admission to the park, and you must be a member of an approved coaster club.

Cedar Point also offers a discount on rooms at the resort, so we were interested in running a comparison between the various publicly available discounts.

The Control

First, lets look at the rates from 2017, which are always an interesting comparison.

2017 Cedar Point CoasterMania Hotel Prices

For our comparison, we priced out CoasterMania for both Thursday and Friday night stays. Staying two nights during 2017 was $408 for Hotel Breakers and $188 for Express Hotel.

2018 Cedar Point CoasterMania Rack Rates

Rack rates for 2018 would be $428 at Hotel Breakers or $298 at Express Hotel.

MANIA Promo Code

Entering in Promo Code MANIA brings the price of Hotel Breakers to $388 ($20 less than 2017 rates) but Express Hotel rings in at $198 ($10 more than 2017 rates).

2018 Cedar Point CoasterMania MANIA Rates

Season Passholder Rates

As a season passholder, we are always curious where our discount ranks among those in the public marketplace. Promo code PASS.

2018 Cedar Point CoasterMania PASS Rates

Hotel Breakers in $403 while Express Hotel is $268.20. Clearly no winners here compared to the CoasterMania exclusive rates.

Returning Guest Rate

Having stayed at Cedar Point Resorts in years past, we qualify for the returning guest rates. Entering in promo code RETURN brings up the following rates.

2018 Cedar Point CoasterMania RETURN Rates

Now we are getting interesting! Returning guests using this promo code for 2018 CoasterMania brings Hotel Breakers to $373 ($15 savings over MANIA rates). Express Hotel, however, goes up to $248 (a $50 increase over MANIA rates).


We are always interested in price manipulation and getting the best deal, and clearly you can see by the above examples, prices jump all over the place and there is no real consistency in the cost structure across the various public discounts.

Want the best hotel deal for CoasterMania assuming you want to stay at a Cedar Point Resort?

Hotel Breakers- Use promo code RETURN
Express Hotel- Use promo code MANIA

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