Review: Cedar Point Stockade Refreshments Veggie Burger

150616 Cedar Point Stockade Veggie Burger

CEDAR POINT VEGGIE BURGER- The demand for healthier options at amusement parks in general is high, let alone at Cedar Fair parks, where the options in the past have been slim. While the park is still working on change, and we foresee some major improvements in the next several years, the vegetarian and vegan offerings still can be few and far between. We get a lot of requests for where can we eat as a vegetarian, vegan, etc. and put together a handy Cedar Point vegan guide to help.

One of the options available is a veggie burger from Stockade Refreshments in the back of the park near the Cedar Creek Mine Ride. We recently decided to try one of the veggie burgers on the Cedar Point dining plan. We also elected to get one when the quality of service may not always be the best, right before park closing.

September 2017 Review

170930 Cedar Point Veggie Burger

See below for previous reviews of this meal.

The veggie burger is a frozen, pre-made patty that is placed on the same broiler as the hamburger and chicken. That may be a problem for some guests.

We ordered ours without cheese and a side salad.

Sadly, the veggie burger was completely flavorless, dry, and quite honestly one of the worst meals we have ever eaten at Cedar Point! With so many fantastic options out in the marketplace for veggie burgers, the one being used at Cedar Point had no resemblance of any vegetables and zero flavor.

We would like to see a lot of improvement in what is being offered with the Cedar Point veggie burger.

July 2015 Review

The veggie burger came broiled on a sesame seed bun with lettuce, but here is where we were impressed. One of our complaints is that the cheese is always thrown on the patty right before serving, meaning it has not been melted. However, we witnessed the worker taking the patty out of the broiler, topping it with cheese, and putting it back in for a couple of seconds.

We were also impressed with the taste. The problem with a traditional veggie burger is that they can be rather dry since there is not much oil or fat to maintain moistness. However, the veggie burger that was broiled was excellent!

We were more than satisfied with the Cedar Point veggie burger, and that served at Stockade is a great offering, especially on the dining plans.

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