Graeter’s Ice Cream

150517 Kings Island Graeter's Ice Cream

Service: Counter service

Location: International Street

Type of Food: Local Ice Cream

Kings Island All-Day Dining Plan: No


Authentic Gelato
Caramel with Sea Salt Caramel Truffles
Dark Chocolate with Chocolate Ganache Truffles

Signature Chip Flavors
Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip (300 calories)
Buckeye Blitz (350 calories)
Chocolate Chip (310 calories)
Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip (330 calories)
Double Chocolate Chip (320 calories)
Mint Chocolate Chip (310 calories)
Mocha Chocolate Chip (300 calories)

Classic Flavors
Butter Pecan (290 calories)
Dutch Milk Chocolate (270 calories)
Cookies & Cream (270 calories)
Cotton Candy (280 calories)
Strawberry (310 calories)
Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean (250 calories)

Fruit Sorbets
Lemon (140 calories)
Raspberry (140 calories)
Mango (140 calories)

Fruit Smoothies (580 calories)
Banana Berry (Strawberry Topping and Fresh Banana)
Island Blast (Pineapple Topping and Mango Sorbet)
Sunrise Sensation (Fresh strawberry topping, orange juice, mango sorbet, and a fresh banana)
Raspberry Lemonade (Fresh fruit topping blended with lemon sorbet)
Orange Cream
Strawberry & Cream

Yogurt Smoothies (610 calories)

Coffee Chillers (610-700 calories)
Mocha Joe (Espresso blended with mocha chocolate chip ice cream)
Vanilla Cream (Milk, espresso, and vanilla bean ice cream)

Cones & Dishes
Single (200-580 calories)- $4.79
Double (300-850 calories)- $5.79

Waffle Cone Special
Single (300-550 calories)- $5.79
Double (450-950 calories)- 6.79

Classic Sundae
Your choice of ice cream with whipped cream, pecans, and a cherry.
Single (500-850 calories)- $6.19
Double (770-1000 calories)- $6.79

Bittersweet (120 calories)
Butterscotch (120 calories)
Chocolate Sprinkles (100 calories)
Hot Fudge (120 calories)
Pecans (100 calories)
Pineapple (70 calories)
Rainbow Sprinkles (30 calories)
Strawberry (70 calories)
Whipped Cream (50 calories)

Featured Sundaes
Banana Split (Two ice creams and two toppings with split banana, pecans, whipped cream, and cherry)(600-1180 calories)- $7.29

Turtle Sundae (Vanilla ice cream topped with hot fudge and butterscotch, whipped cream, pecans, and a cherry) (840 calories)- $6.79

Brownie Sundae (Hot fudge sundae on top of a brownie with whipped cream, pecans, and a cherry) (940 calories)- $7.29

Shakes and Malts
(Syrups: Chocolate, coffee, mint, root beer, vanilla)

Milkshake (Two scoops of vanilla ice cream with choice of toppings and milk) (720-1100 calories)- $5.99

Malted Milkshake (Double Dip milkshake with malt powder) (720-1100 calories)- $6.29

Smoothies- $6.29

Kings Island Ice Cold Drinks

Kings Island Beverages

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Historical Photos below used with permission from

Circa ~2002

San Rio Gift Shop

Kings Island International Street San Rio ©

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