Papa Luigi’s Pizza

160331 Carowinds Papa Luigi's Pizza

Service: Counter service

Location: Carolina Showplace

Type of Food: Hand tossed pizza made with fresh toppings

Carowinds Dining Plans:


Make any basket a combo (include a Coca-Cola fountain drink) for $3.99 more.

2 Slices of Pizza & Breadsticks Basket (800-950 calories)- $11.99 (Review)

Italian Sub Basket (1160 calories)- $11.99 (Review)

Whole Pizza (3200-3800 calories)- $34.99

Fruit Bowls (120 calories)- $4.99

Breadstix (190 calories)- $3.99

Garden Side Salad (130 calories)- $4.49

Dessert of the Day (Parfaits)(200-500 calories)- $3.99

Ice Cold Beverages

Important Info:

Famous Dishes:

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Review: Double Meat Stromboli (No longer offered)

Review: Flat Bread Pizza

Have you dined at the Carowinds Papa Luigi’s Pizza? If so, how was your experience? Great service? Good food? Tell us below in the comments!

150409 Carowinds Papa Luigi's Pizza

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4 thoughts on “Papa Luigi’s Pizza

  1. Ken Hiner

    Went to eat at Papa Luigi’s today 5-8-16. My wife wanted the Stromboli for lunch and they didn’t have any made and said had to wait for the manager to show up to make them. Me and our kids got the pizza and my opinion it wasn’t that great. My wife ended up going elsewhere for her lunch since no Stromboli. So we tried again at dinner and again they had no Strombolis so I highly doubt that we even try going back there again!!

  2. Karen Byers

    My daughter waited over thirty minutes to get lunch here. Her comment “It was so not worth the money” the pizza was dried up and tasted like cardboard. Price of her meal 11.99 plus tax. I as a parent think it is crazy we send our children to places like these and they don’t allow outside food and price gouge us to pay for crappy food. I like for my child to be fed and safe and happy. Call me crazy


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