Mountainside Bakery & Cafe

160625 Canada's Wonderland Mountainside Bakery & Cafe

The Mountainside Bakery & Cafe opened in 2016, replacing the former Cookie Cafe.

Service: Counter service

Location: Across from Wonder Mountain Guardian

Type of Food: Starbucks coffee and bakery items

Canada’s Wonderland Dining Plans: Yes

Starbucks Menu:

Coffee- $3.05 (Medium); $3.30 (Large)
Iced Coffee- $4.25 (Medium); $4.50 (Large)
Caffe Latte- $5.30 (Medium); $5.70 (Large)
Vanilla Latte- $5.95 (Medium); $6.30 (Large)
Caffe Mocha- $5.95 (Medium); $6.30 (Large)
Caffe Americano- $3.60 (Medium); $4.45 (Large)
Cappucino- $5.30 (Medium); $5.70 (Large)

Espresso- $2.65 (Solo); $3.05 (Dopio)

Classic Chai Tea Latte- $5.70 (Medium); $6.20 (Large)
Classic Iced Chai Tea Latte- $6.20 (Medium); $6.50 (Large)
Tea- $3.05 (Medium); $3.45 (Large)
Iced Tea (Black, Passion, Zen)- $3.30 (Medium); $3.70 (Large)
Iced Tea Lemonade- $3.70 (Medium); $4.40 (Large)
Hot Chocolate- $4.55 (Medium); $4.95 (Large)

Frappuccino Blended Beverages
Coffee- $5.75 (Medium); $6.15 (Large)
Mocha- $6.40 (Medium); $6.80 (Large)
Caramel- $6.40 (Medium); $6.80 (Large)
Vanilla Bean- $6.40 (Medium); $6.80 (Large)
Strawberries & Creme- $6.40 (Medium); $6.80 (Large)

Food Menu:

Paninis (All sandwiches served with bag of chips)
Farm Fresh Vegetable Sandwich (Grilled vegetables, red pepper hummus on Swiss panini)- $10.49

Bradford Bay Pesto Chicken (Roasted Pepper, Asiago Cheese on a Demi Baguette)- $10.49

Italian Club (Genoa Salami, Turkey, Italian Ham on Ciabatta Corta)- $10.49

Cookiewich (Choice of two cookies, vanilla soft-serve ice cream rolled in choice of toppings)- $6.99

Carrot Cake- $5.95
Butter Tart- $4.95
Cupcake- $5.25
Nanaimo Bar- $4.95
Strawberry Shortcake Jar- $6.50
Cookie on Stick- $4.95
Fudge Brownie Popsicle- $5.95
Rice Crispie Square Popsicle- $5.95
Macaroon (1 Piece)- $2.95
Macaroon (1/2 Dozen)- $16.50
Macaroon (Dozen)- $32.90
Chocolate Dipped Twizzlers- $4.95
Chocolate Dipped Pretzels- $4.95
Cake Pop- $5.25

Dasani Bottled Water- $3.69
Bottle Beverage- $3.99

Canada’s Wonderland Beverages

Important Info:

Famous Dishes:

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Have you dined at the Canada’s Wonderland Mountainside Bakery & Cafe? If so, how was your experience? Great service? Good food? Tell us below in the comments!

170624 Canada's Wonderland Mountainside Bakery Macaroons (1)

170624 Canada's Wonderland Mountainside Bakery Macaroons (2)

160625 Canada's Wonderland Mountainside Bakery Treats (1)

160625 Canada's Wonderland Mountainside Bakery Treats (2)

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