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July 2017 Cedar Point Groupon

Looking for Discount Cedar Point Tickets? Cedar Point released a handful of tickets on the conglomerate discount site Groupon on July 21, 2015. They sold out within days. They brought the promotion back a week later and it again sold out within a day. Then for the third time, discounted Cedar Point tickets were available on Groupon and sold out within days.

Ahead of the world premier debut of Cedar Point’s Valravn roller coaster, discount Cedar Point tickets were on Groupon in April 2016 for $41.44 each, more than they had ever been listed prior. At the end of July 2016, they went on sale again for $39.99 each. Then in August 2016, tickets went on sale FOR ONE OF THE LOWEST PRICES WE EVER SAW, $33.80 and were valid through September 11, 2016!

So we are always excited when we see the discount Cedar Point tickets on Groupon return.

Link: Groupon Cedar Point Tickets (affiliate link)

Tickets are currently $41.59 per ticket (valid through September 4, 2017).

The one day ticket is currently cheaper than the price on the Cedar Point website by $7.41 per ticket, not to mention the added convenience fee and tax when purchasing directly through the park!

But wait, it gets better! Use promo code OFF and the price drops to an incredible $33.27 $31.59 per ticket! That’s a fantastic offer! Tip: If you need more than one ticket, purchase them in separate transactions, with each using the promo code. If you group tickets together with this promo code, the price will be slightly more, but still a great deal!

170730 Groupon Cedar Point Discount Tickets

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