141125 Knott's Chicken-to-Go

Guests of Knott’s Berry Farm not wanting to sit down for a full meal at Mrs. Knott’s restaurant, can get carryout from Chicken-To-Go.

Service: Counter service

Location: Adjacent to the entrance

Type of Food: Select meals and side dishes from the famous restaurant

Knott’s Berry Farm All-Day Dining Plan: No


The Grand Bucket (22 pieces of chicken, 2 sides mashed potatoes & gravy, 1 side of your choice, 1 dozen biscuits)- $48.59

Value Bucket (14 pieces of chicken, 2 sides mashed potatoes & gravy, 1 side of your choice, 1 dozen biscuits)- $34.99

Dinner Special (9 pieces of chicken, 2 sides mashed potatoes & gravy, 1 side of your choice, 1/2 dozen biscuits)- $26.99

Super Saver (8 pieces of chicken (2 split breasts, 2 things, 2 legs, 2 wings), 1 side mashed potatoes & gravy, 2 side of your choice, 8 biscuits with boysenberry jam, whole boysenberry pie, 2 liter Coke or Diet Coke)- $36.99

Add a whole pie to any chicken order- $9.59
Add a whole loaf of Knott’s fresh baked bread to any chicken order- $2.99
Add a 2 liter of Soda to any chicken dinner- $5.99

Sides (Mashed potatoes, country gravy, cabbage or corn, cherry rhubarb, baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad, chicken noodle soup)- $3.59 (1/2 pint); $4.99 (pint)

Buttermilk Biscuits (Dozen)- $3.99

Boysenberry Butter- $1.29

160925 Knott's Berry Farm Mrs. Knott's Chicken-to-Go Storefront

A La Carte Menu

3 Piece Meal (Split breast, thigh, & leg, mashed potatoes & gravy, corn, & biscuits)- $10.99

2 Piece Meal (breast & wing or thigh & leg, mashed potatoes & gravy, 1 side of your choice, & biscuits)- $9.59 (Review)

Chicken & Dumplings- $9.99
Chicken Pot Pie- $9.99
Caesar Salad- $9.79

Boysenberry or Apple Pie- $4.29 (slice); $12.79 (Whole)

Regular fountain drink- $4.49
Large fountain drink- $4.89
Smart Water- $4.99
Bottled Water- $3.99
Milk/Chocolate Milk- $3.99
Bottled Juice- $3.99
Sports Drink- $4.99
Bottled Soda- $3.99

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Famous Dishes:

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Have you dined at the Knott’s Berry Farm Chicken-To-Go? If so, how was your experience? Great service? Good food? Tell us below in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Chicken-To-Go

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  2. Paul J Herndon

    I used to enjoy coming to the restaurant and enjoying fabulous dinners, especially the chicken pot pies. I now live in Bakersfield and wondering if they can be shipped cold or if I stop by the restaurant and purchase maybe a dozen and place in an ice chest).
    Thank for your response. Paul H./Bakersfield

    1. Justin Post author

      Paul: Thanks for your question. Since the chicken pot pies are made fresh and homemade, they can not be shipped or sold frozen. You would have to purchase them directly from the storefront already made.

    1. Justin Post author

      Sorry, there is not seating immediately outside of Chicken-to-Go. However, if you go a little farther down, there is some seating near Ghost Rider and then some within the Marketplace area.


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