Auntie Anne’s

150515 Kings Island Auntie Anne's

150516 Kings Island Auntie Anne's Rivertown

Service: Counter service

Location: International Street and Rivertown

Type of Food: Fresh pretzels

Kings Island All-Day Dining Plan: No


Original Pretzel (340 calories)- $5.79
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel (470 calories)- $5.89

Original Pretzel Stix (390 calories)- $5.99
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Stix (490 calories)- $6.19

Dips (130 calories)- $1.29

Old Fashioned Lemonade- $4.49 (Regular; 200 calories); $4.99 (Large; 260 calories)
Lemonade Mixers (Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Mango)- $4.99 (Regular; 210-240 calories); $5.49 (Large; 260-320 calories)

Coca-Cola Fountain Drinks- $4.49 (Regular; 0-280 calories); $4.89 (Large; 0-420 calories)

Bottled Water- $3.99; 2 for $6

Important Info: No butter and no salt options available.

Famous Dishes: Handmade pretzels

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Historical Photos below used with permission from

Circa ~2002-2003

Pretzels & Soft Drinks

Kings Island International Street Pretzels & Soft Drinks ©

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