Review: Knott’s Soak City Longboard’s Grill Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders

170520 Knott's Soak City Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders ©Jeff Lee (1)

In the past couple seasons, the Cedar Fair parks have been making a move towards the fresh, hand breaded chicken tenders vs the frozen ones they have been selling for years.

Kings Island really set the bar high with their Chicken Shack tenders that are a staple for all of our visits to the park. Then Cedar Point followed with the reintroduction of the Frontier Inn hand breaded chicken tenders. Of course you can also get hand breaded chicken tenders at Carowinds Harmony Hall or Harbor House or further north at Kings Dominion’s Jukebox Diner.

Now almost all of the Cedar Fair parks offer a hand breaded chicken tender somewhere in their parks.

170520 Knott's Soak City Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders ©Jeff Lee (2)

Knott’s Berry Farm recently took the opportunity to refresh their menus at the new Knott’s Soak City Longboard’s Grill. Guests will also love that they can use their Knott’s Berry Farm dining plans inside Soak City!

Longboard’s Grill offers a variety of great options and we decided to try the new hand breaded chicken tenders.

170520 Knott's Soak City Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders ©Jeff Lee (3)

The tenders were great! You can really taste the difference with the nicely spiced breading and really tender chicken.

The hand breading really puts them a step above the chicken tenders served throughout the rest of Knott’s.

The fries has a slight crunchy coating and were really good!

Like any meal at Knott’s, it is best to eat your food with some boysenberry punch.

170520 Knott's Boysenberry Punch ©Jeff Lee

Have you tried the new Knott’s handbreaded chicken tenders? If so, let us know your thoughts below in the comments.

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