Review: Kings Island Soak City Island Smokehouse Smoked Brisket

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When it comes to BBQ, perhaps one of the most highly regarded meat options is the brisket. The beef brisket is a normally tough cut of meat and must be properly cooked to break down the muscle into the tender piece of meat we all love. This is done by keeping a nice fat cap on the brisket to keep it from drying during the long cooking process. The brisket also picks up a lot of its flavor from various rubs cooked into the meat. Fortunately, Kings Island is set up to create some incredible brisket in their Island Smokehouse.

Chef Nathan Gushulak rubs down the brisket the night before and slow smokes the brisket for 12 hours! The result is magnificent!

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While the brisket will not be a regular menu item at this time, when it is available you will want to make sure you grab some to eat! Part of the beauty of the new Island Smokehouse is having the option to try smoking a variety of products. So it will be well worth it to stop in frequently and see if there are any special menu items available.

If you are like us, you might want to choose one of the end slices, loaded with tons of the crispy dry rub that packs a powerful flavor.

The brisket was really good, featuring a very tender piece of meat with the crispness of the rub. The magic of the brisket always shines when the meat is incredibly tender, but you still get a crunchy flavor from the outside rub. We tried ours as is but you can always add either of the Smokehouse BBQ sauces to the meat.

As mentioned, the brisket is not a regular menu item and thus is not subject to the Kings Island dining plans. However, it is well worth it to purchase the brisket when available.

If you tried the Kings Island brisket, let us know what you thought below in the comments!

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