Cedar Point Chickie’s & Pete’s Expands for 2016 Season

160430 Cedar Point Chickie's & Pete's Expansion

Not only is there excitement surrounding the new Cedar Point dive coaster, Valravn, guests were also enthusiastic when they learned the dining plans would be greatly expanded for the 2016 season. The Cedar Point dining plans now include several sit down restaurants including Johnny Rockets and Chickie’s & Pete’s. However, the road to their inclusion was just as difficult as constructing the worlds largest dive coaster.

Chickie’s & Pete’s was adamant of not being included on the Cedar Point dining plans since it was a sit down restaurant and concerns of not being able to handle the additional sales volume. Fortunately, the park was able to convince them it was worth it after showing the success that Panda Express experienced. However, some changes needed to be made.

First, with the influx of crowds, they needed to expand upon the dining capabilities. As a result, Chickie’s & Pete’s expanded by adding an outdoor seating area in front the building occupied by Boo Hill during Halloweekends. The patio provides a great opportunity along the Blue Streak midway to sit and watch Raptor, Valrarn, and Blue Streak.

Now staffing levels just need to be maintained to deal with any influx of patrons.

We are not completely assured the demand will really be there for additional patronage to Chickie’s & Pete’s. Sure there is going to be a lot more foot traffic in the area due to Valravn. However, you also only get one option on the dining plans, the Classic Philly Cheese steak.

Perhaps since this is the first season of Chickie’s & Pete’s being added to the dining plans at Cedar Point, this is a trial run. Should it succeed, maybe we will see additional menu options added to the meal plans.

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2 thoughts on “Cedar Point Chickie’s & Pete’s Expands for 2016 Season

  1. Cherol

    The food at Chickie’s and Petes is not that good. The philly steak is the one thing that saves that restaurant. Don’t understand why they even came to CP. anyone can put Old Bay Seasoning on frozen French fries.. Other than these items the food is the same as at any other CP restaurant. Chicken tenders etc.


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