Review: Knott’s Berry Farm Coasters Diner Caesar Salad

170512 Knott's Berry Farm Coasters Caesar Salad ©Jeff Lee (1)

Looking for a healthy option while visiting Knott’s Berry Farm? Fortunately, a large amount of the food stands offer a Caesar Salad, plus you can get them on the Knott’s Dining Plans!

We decided to use our dining plan and try the Caesar Salad from Coaster’s Drive-In on the Boardwalk.

Coaster’s Diner uses the new self ordering kiosks. Guests scan your dining plan wristband or season pass, make your selection, grab receipt and wait for order to be called. We thought system worked just as well as ordering from an employee and was quick and efficient.

After receiving our salad, we were quite underwhelmed. The meal consisted of a large tray of romaine lettuce, two cherry tomatoes and a packet of Hidden Valley Creamy Caesar dressing. No protein, cheese, or croutons.

Ideally, we would have liked to see the Knott’s Caesar Salad served with a grilled and sliced piece of chicken, shaved or grated Parmesan cheese, and fresh croutons. To really make the Caesar Salad a signature menu item at Knott’s, it should have some fresh boysenberries tossed in and market it as a “Boysenberry Caesar Salad.”

While we understand the need for efficiency, it would also be nice to see the salad tossed with all the ingredients and made fresh right in front of the guest.

170512 Knott's Berry Farm Coasters Caesar Salad ©Jeff Lee (2)

Tip: For those underwhelmed with the Knott’s Caesar Salad, try grabbing some fresh veggies from the toppings bar, where you can add sliced tomatoes, diced or sliced onion, banana peppers, jalapenos, and other options.

170512 Knott's Berry Farm Coasters Topping Bar ©Jeff Lee

170512 Knott's Berry Farm Coasters Caesar Salad ©Jeff Lee (3)

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