Review: Cedar Point Wagon Wheel Pizza

170521 Cedar Point Wagon Wheel Pizza Meal (1)

New for 2017, Cedar Point closed Los Gatos in Frontier Town and rebranded as Wagon Wheel Pizza. The move made absolute sense given that guests could get fresh made burritos right around the corner at Buckaroo’s Burritos, and Grist Mill Refreshments, which sold pizza, was converted to Famous Dave’s BBQ Shack. This meant that nowhere in Frontier Town could guests get pizza.

So the conversion to Wagon Wheel Pizza also gave the park the opportunity to try their fresh pressed pizza dough that they also debuted at Cedar Point Shores.

Wagon Wheel Pizza is available on the Cedar Point dining plans. A meal includes a slice of pizza with choice of breadsticks, fruit cup, or side salad.

At first appearance, the slice of pizza is small. Though the meal is completed with choice of side. However, the pizza was rather good and definitely made fresh.

While the Wagon Wheel Pizza is not an amazing slice of pie that we had to try every visit, the pizza was good and it does fill a need in Frontier Town with the 2017 dining improvements.

If you tried Wagon Wheel Pizza, let us know below in the comments.

170521 Cedar Point Wagon Wheel Pizza Meal (2)

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