Review: Cedar Point Johnny Rockets Crispy Chicken Breast Salad

170506 Cedar Point Johnny Rockets Crispy Chicken Breast Salad

We were really excited last year when we discussed with park officials the possibility of expanding the 2017 Cedar Point dining plan offerings at some of the licensed properties like Johnny Rockets and Chickie’s & Pete’s. Both restaurants are very popular, and giving guests additional menu options is always a great choice.

New for this season is the addition of a Grilled or Crispy Chicken Club Salad at Johnny Rockets. The meal features a grilled chicken breast or lightly breaded chicken tenders served on seasonal greens with chopped Applewood smoked bacon, diced tomatoes, shredded Wisconsin Cheddar cheese and choice of dressing.

The Chicken Club salad clocks in at 390-450 calories, making it a great, healthier meal to enjoy at the park!

We elected to try the crispy chicken version of the salad on opening weekend.

We ordered the salad at a table (not take-out) and were presented the meal in a Styrofoam container. Inside was some chopped iceberg lettuce, shredded carrots and the sliced chicken fingers on top. We elected for both Italian and Ranch dressings.

While we do not expect fine China, we were surprised to see the meal served in a to-go container, however, no big deal.

Where we were surprised was in the lacking of a true salad. Seasonal greens can vary, though in the world we live in, we can get any variety of lettuce at the grocery store all year long. So we were surprised to see the standard iceberg lettuce.

Where the real shock set in was with the lack of ingredients spelled out in the menu. There was no bacon. There was no cheese. There was no tomato. Our salad had resulted in a poor representation for what the salad was supposed to entail.

2017 Cedar Point Johnny Rockets Menu Chicken Salad

Above you can see our version versus what was shown in the menu. While we do not expect the same level of perfect representation for what is shown in the menu, we do expect at least all the ingredients to be used.

Was this opening weekend woes? Are they still waiting on additional supplies to be on hand? We will have to try the salad later in the season. Though it is a rarity for us to actually sit down and enjoy a meal at Johnny Rockets in the park.

Has the chicken salad been a better experience for you at Cedar Point? If so, let us know below in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Cedar Point Johnny Rockets Crispy Chicken Breast Salad

  1. Sarah

    During pass holder preview weekend, I ordered the grilled version of the salad, however they were out of grilled chicken, so I got the crispy version as well. No bacon. But all other ingredients were there and it was not in a to go container. Overall it was really good, and I’m hoping your experience was just a flub. :/ I am looking forward to many more salads this summer. Frontier Inn salads are only offered with breaded chicken, and I live that they have grilled as an option at Johnny Rockets.


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