Review: Cedar Point Frontier Inn Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders

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Besides the addition of Valravn to the roller coaster lineup at Cedar Point, easily one of the most exciting enhancements in the park for the 2016 season was the return of Frontier Inn. Located in Frontiertown, the Frontier Inn harkens back to decades ago when the park originally had a fresh chicken stand.

With the leaving of Chick-fil-a from the park, Cedar Point really had to hit a homerun with this dining location. That is where Executive Chef Phil Bucco took the reins and really ran with creating a fresh chicken option in the park.

To begin with, the park marinates the chicken in buttermilk and vinegar for 24 hours. Then the chicken tenders are hand breaded before being fried golden.

The chicken is probably the moistest chicken we had ever eaten. The breading was very light and complimented the tenders.

We really think the park hit a grandslam when it comes to their hand breaded chicken tenders, especially compared to the frozen variety sold throughout the rest of the park. Our only suggestion would be to keep working on the breading recipe to perhaps get some more flavor added to the chicken tenders. We wanted to try the tenders and get their real essence without dipping it in a sauce, thus our raw opinion. This is again where Kings Island has done an excellent job with their hand breaded chicken tenders introducing a lot of flavor into them.

We have a feeling once the public gets their hands on Frontier Inn, this location is going to have a line out the door and become a signature food item of the park. Do you agree?

160430 Cedar Point Frontier Inn Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders (2)

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One thought on “Review: Cedar Point Frontier Inn Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders

  1. Corella Doll

    I got this on 8/18/2017. There were 3 pieces of chicken and a mountain of waffle fries. There should be more chicken for this price. I’m never getting the season dinning plan again. Most of the food in the park is sub par. They should let you get 2 meals a day without a 4 hour wait in between. The only food I think that’s worth it is in Pinks.


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