New 2017 Kings Island Drink Refill Stations

Mystic Timbers will take all of the spotlight when Kings Island opens for 2017, and rightly so, as it is an AMAZING and thrilling ride! The 2017 Kings Island Dining Plans will not only offer Tom+Chee for the first time, but also other great options! However, there are additional new 2017 Kings Island drink refill stations that will make your life easier.

One of the biggest requests from guests is easier availability to refill their souvenir cups or get drinks in general. Now that Cedar Fair is offering an All-Season Drink Pass, the demand for liquid refreshment will be even greater.

One of the more noticeable changes guests will see are two new refill stations.

The first new refill station is besides the Rivertown Larosa’s Pizza building in what was a former games spot. The stand will offer four refill machines, bottled water, and a new iced tea dispenser. This is a key location to take the pressure off drink refills within Rivertown Pizza.

170413 Kings Island Rivertown Refresh Station

The second new refill station is at a building you may have never even noticed in Coney Mall, the ICEE Mix-It-Up. The building was sort of inconspicuous and not always open. The new facade is a major improvement and will now offer two refill stations on one side and three ICEE machines on the other side. Since the Coney Mall is such a busy section of the park, the new Coney Drink stand will really help alleviate wait for drinks.

170413 Kings Island Coney Drinks

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