Kings Island Reds Hall of Fame Grille to Get Faster Service

On a hot day, or even after being on your feet for hours, going into Reds Hall of Fame Grille is a favorite spot for many guests. From the air-conditioning, to the bar, to full-service restaurant that is offered on the Kings Island dining plans, Reds is a great place to eat. However, the caveat was that the limited wait staff made wait times less than perfect. On a busy day, there would often be over an hour wait to get seated. So Kings Island is hoping to change that for 2017 at Reds Hall of Fame by offering faster service.

Now instead of going in, getting seated, looking over the menu, ordering from your wait staff, then waiting for food and paying, the process will be streamlined. Now guests will go into Reds Hall of Fame Grille and immediately place their orders at the front desk, where you also pay for your meal ahead of being seated.

New drink refill machines are provided at the front of the restaurant where guests can get their own beverages.

When the food is ready, it will be brought out to your table.

Now when you are done eating, you simply leave a tip on the table and leave.

All in an effort to get you out and back into the park as fast as possible to ride another roller coaster!

Full Reds Hall of Fame Menu

2017 Reds Hall of Fame Dining Plan options include the following:

– Handbreaded chicken tenders with Saratoga chips (Review)
– Homer burger with Saratoga chips
– Curveball Chicken Sandwich with Saratoga chips
– Buffalo Chicken Salad (Review)

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