Review: Kings Island Reds Hall of Fame Buffalo Chicken Salad

160416 Kings Island Reds Hall of Fame Buffalo Chicken Salad

Many people tell us one of their favorite places to eat at Kings Island is the Reds Hall of Fame Grill located in Rivertown. Not only does the sit down, table service restaurant provide a relaxing, air-conditioned environment, but all of the Reds Major League Baseball artifacts really connects guests with their favorite local sports team.

We have tried many of the menu items including the following.

Home Run Chicken Tenders, which are really fantastic served alongside fresh cut Saratoga chips.

Fielders Choice Wrap

Those looking for more healthy options will enjoy the Reds Hall of Fame Buffalo Chicken Salad, which we recently sat down to eat. So lets take a look closer.

The entree sized salad comes on a large bed of romaine lettuce with cheddar cheese, tomato, onion, and croutons. A sliced, grilled chicken breast is served on top of the salad and drizzled with buffalo sauce.

The first thing you will notice is that the meal is beautifully presented with fresh ingredients and a nice large portion. We chose to get our salad with the Caesar dressing, which was an excellent decision!

The croutons were crisp and all the vegetables were fresh.

We were also extremely happy to see that the chicken was not doused in the buffalo sauce but rather drizzled on the grilled chicken. This is also where the Caesar dressing paired excellent with the buffalo sauce, making a fantastic flavor combination.

We were so glad we tried the Buffalo Chicken Salad at Reds, because not only are their hand breaded chicken tenders fantastic, but so is this salad, making it a must try on subsequent visits.

We have also heard from some of you that this is one of your favorite meals too. Let us know if you agree below in the comments.

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