Canada’s Wonderland Signature Wonder Rush

160625 Canada's Wonderland Wonder Rush Freestyle Recipe

Guests to Cedar Point have been given the opportunity to experience two signature beverages that are unique to the park by using technology and the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines. By downloading the Freestyle app, you can plug in custom recipes for both Valravn FlavaRavn Fizz and Rougarou RougaCool. Once you have them entered into the app, you can then duplicate the recipes at any Freestyle machine, even outside the park, by opening up the app and scanning it into the machine (provided the scanning function is activated).

Well imagine our surprise when we learned Canada’s Wonderland also has a signature park Freestyle recipe, titled Wonder Rush.

Ready for the recipe?

50% Coca-Cola
25% Fanta Lime
25% Fanta Raspberry

So what have you thought of the Freestyle Wonder Rush recipe?

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