9 Free Things at Cedar Point

9 Free Things at Cedar Point

You already paid the price of admission to get into Cedar Point, so lets assume that cost is void for this conversation. Did you know there are quite a few additional items throughout the park that are completely FREE? Let’s take a look, and if we missed any, feel free to add them below into the comments.

9) Parking/Eating for “Free”– This one is not quiet free, though it is a great hidden value. If you do pay for parking, take a wonder over the Bay Harbor restaurant and grab yourself a light lunch. Bring along your parking receipt and they will deduct the parking from your bill! There are reports of other on-site restaurants doing the same, like Famous Dave’s, though we have been told otherwise and the results do not always seem to be consistent.

8) Tweetups– If you use Twitter, besides following the CPFoodBlog, consider following Cedar Point’s Director of Communications, Tony Clark, who offers random tweetups. If you manage to find him at Cedar Point within a couple minutes of his notification, you can be rewarded with a variety of great options like free Fast Lane passes, food, or a coveted signature coin.

151101 Cedar Point 2015 Rougarou Coin

7) Free Cups of Water– Staying hydrated is important when walking around an amusement park all day. If carrying around a souvenir bottle or using a free water fountain is not an option, consider that most food stands will provide you with a free cup of water. Though the introduction of the All-Season Drink Pass has made it much easier to stay hydrated and not worry about a souvenir bottle.

150510 Cedar Point Free Cup of Water

6) Hand Stamp– If you plan to leave the park and return on the same day, be sure to get your hand stamped with one of the ride logos. This is the perfect free souvenir to end a child’s (or adults) day.

Note: Cedar Point used to have Peanuts themed stamps; however, after issues with people sharing their stamps, the park opted for ride logos with the word VOID so that they could not as easily be transferred to another person’s hand.

5) Occasion Buttons– Stop by guest service if it is your birthday or some other occasion and get a free souvenir button to celebrate your day. You can also occasionally get buttons from the Best Day Crews walking around the park.

150510 Cedar Point Occasion Buttons

4) Sample of Fudge– Stop into the Sweet Spot and the smell of amazing treats greets you at the door. While samples of everything in the store are prohibited, did you know you can ask for a sample of the various flavors of fudge?

160602 Cedar Point Sweet Spot Valravn Fudge

3) Guest Conductor– Have kids who love the train? We were recently randomly selected to be guest conductors one day and rewarded with free train hats and buttons.

160608 Cedar Point Guest Conductor Button and Hat

2) Halloweekends Treats– Bring out the kids during Halloweekends, and the kids get all kinds of great treats and trick-or-treat items including mini pumpkins.

1) Beach– Did you know the beach on the Cedar Point peninsula is free? The beach is free for anybody to use, even if you are not going into the park. The caveat is finding a place to park for free. Of course Platinum season passholders can park for free and then walk over to the beach, but anyone else will need to pay for parking or anchor their boat off the shoreline. It is not recommended to park along the residential area as it is private property in most cases.

Have any other great freebies you take advantage of when visiting Cedar Point? Let us know below in the comments!

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